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Please use Chrome right now until we have configured Safari and other browsers.

Absolutely! The web app will communicate with the iOS app seamlessly.

If they are using an iPad, tell your student to download the app from the App Store (search for Musicology Online). To use the Web App on Chrome, ask your student to go directly to On both platforms they press ‘I’m a Student’, and enter their code at the time of the lesson. The code never changes.

Here is a video walk-through of the teacher portal ( This is where you will build your student rooms and manage your students files in their rooms. It’s so easy!

teacher portal tutorial button

No. Our developers have developed a unique audio code that has the best audio of any platform out there. Yes, it’s THAT good!

The teacher portal will be hooked up to the web app next week but for now, you can drag any file over to the whiteboard that you would like to work on together.

Just plug them right in. Musicology will recognize anything your computer’s operating system recognizes. Make sure you have everything plugged in and turned on BEFORE you place a call on Musicology.

Musicology is currently configured for one-on-one lessons for that great full-duplex audio with layered sound so that you can sing, clap and play at the same time with no audio cuts.

Absolutely! Our fantastic audio has been optimized to pick up the frequencies specific to music.

No. There is no need to bandage audio connections with equipment—that’s what Musicology is built for! However, you are quite welcome to use one. Opera singers, for example, may want to consider using one for gain control etc., but mics are definitely not needed for standard lessons.

General Questions

Now! Register and download the iPad app today!

The Musicology app will initially be available for iOS and iPads.

Musicology is available for iPad or Apple Silicon currently

It’s on the list for the near future and we will be looking into functionality following the iOS launch.

Because Apple is built for music and the arts. Graphics are better, functionality is better, audio and video are better. It’s really the ideal platform for an interactive video conference application. Because all of our features are collaborative and interactive, the flow is ideal on an iPad.

This is very possible in the next version.

No. We have something better that is more secure and keeps our app with a 4+ age rating: the file upload and the built in browser controlled by the teacher. Upload any file to the students room either in the lesson, or before in the portal, and it is saved there as long as you don’t delete it. Annotate on a theory sheet or a piece of music.

No. With the moveability of the iPad it’s not necessary and quite frankly, the students aren’t even looking. If you’d like, you can easily place the iPad on a stand for demonstrations. You can flip the camera for keyboard demos and place it on the piano’s music stand while working on the collaborative features.

In the homescreen, you will see your video and your student’s. On all the features, you will not see yourself and your student will not see themselves. The feedback we’ve heard back on this is: “Thank you!” My student is always looking at themselves and making faces but now they can’t see themselves!”

Musicology isn’t like any other app. This has never been done before. If we’re slightly more than another app you’ve seen, it’s because we’ve spared no expense to bring you only the best custom features, designed by a team of brilliant developers. Also remember that we don’t sell any advertising on the app or collect data and sell to third parties, as many others do to cut costs. That’s not what we’re about, at all, and we never will be. We are COPPA compliant and we don’t store any information about our users. We also use our call line provider, Twilio, because this is a closed-source platform and completely secure, with exceptional support so we don’t have blackouts. We have a giant team at Musicology who make sure it is the absolute best product on the market. We are here to serve YOU and your students!

Billing & Account Questions

To cancel your subscription or update your info, please visit Login and on the home screen you will see a blue button that says ‘manage subscription’. Click on this and follow the instructions to change your subscription or cancel.

Go to and click on the blue button that says Manage Subscription then update your payment. This will automatically link to the app and you can use your teaching platform again. 

Using the App

There are three easy steps to register:

Step #1 – Register

  • Go to 
  • Create account or Sign In with Apple.
  • Select teacher and fill in the blanks.
  • Agree to terms.
  • You will be directed to a payment page.
  • You will receive a code!

Step #2 – Download App

  • Download the Musicology iPad app from the App Store.
  • Open the app on your iPad.
  • Enter the code you received from the teacher portal.

Step #3 – Create a student room 

  • Sign into the teacher portal.
  • Click the Rooms tab.
  • Fill in the blanks to create your room.
  • You will not be able to duplicate the same room name or code.
  • Send this code to your student and have them follow the steps to download the app from the App Store.

It’s really easy! Here are the steps.

  • Download the Musicology iPad app from the App Store.
  • Open the app on your iPad.
  • Enter the code you received from your teacher.
  • Didn’t receive a code? Contact your teacher for details.

Musicology is completely free for all your students. Have them download Musicology at the App Store. Student rooms are created by the teacher in the teacher portal ( Send students the room code you create, along with the link to the portal so their parents can agree to the Terms of Use. From there, student’s just open the app each week for their lesson and enter their code. The code never changes.

We strongly suggest to use the Apple Pencil. For example, it is much easier to draw or drag & drop notes on the Grand Staff. 

Apple requires us to use their gestures. Depending on what kind of iPad you are using, either press the home button twice to minimize the app and then push it off the screen OR grab the app from the bottom to minimize and push it off the screen. The student’s side has a sign out button.

To close a feature, like the Grand Staff for example, press the blue ‘go back’ button at the bottom right of each feature. This will take you back to the main video call screen. Feel free to experiment with all the icons until you get the hang of it. We promise you won’t break anything!

Go to and click on the room you wish to delete. Click the red button that says “remove room”.

Yes! We do support bluetooth but please be aware that any non-wired components might add latency to the experience. To avoid this, we recommend good quality wired headphones. To use bluetooth with Musicology, be sure to attach your bluetooth AFTER you have opened the app. Opening before will distort the audio.

Musicology operates on iOS 14 and later.

Musicology icon guide thumbnail 
To learn about all of the features of the Musicology app, download the Icon Reference Guide here.

Currently you can upload one file at a time and name it appropriately. You can do this in the portal on your browser or by taking a photo or scan of the desired page and uploading it directly on the app. Reminder: you need to place a call to upload a file to the room but it won’t actually call your student!

No. It’s free for students!

The eraser in the Apple Pencil Kit is not collaborative. This is something that Apple needs to update.

Data packets are sent and if there is congestion in the internet it will be delayed. We have programmed our app to resend data packs every 5 seconds but another fix is closing the quitting the app and restarting.

Disconnecting your bluetooth during a call will distort the audio. Simply reconnect your bluetooth, wire in headphones or restart the call to resolve this.

Do not use spaces when creating a room code for your students. You can use any combination of letters or numbers you like!

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