multi camera


If your OS will accept it, Musicology will accept it! Hook up as many cameras as you like. Also compatible with OBS and ManyCam.



Annotate collaboratively and store music files to your students room here for easy access during the lesson.

grand staff

Grand Staff

Build melodies collaboratively by drag-and-dropping musical notations. Play the on-screen virtual piano together or hook up your MIDI.



Audio is pushed from the students side to the teachers so you always hear exactly what they are clapping or playing with! Basic metronome click available or a cat meow or dog bark!



Prevent your students from getting too button happy with this handy teacher controlled lock!

camera switch button

Camera Switch Button (Web App)

Rotate through camera views with this easy camera switch button!

private student rooms

Private Student Rooms

Each student/family has their own private room equipped with a unique room code designed by the teacher.



Delight your students young and old with large animated and seasonal emojis!


Screen Share (Web App)

Share your entire screen, window or Chrome tab. Share audio is available under Chrome tab. Share your iPad via QuickTime for Apple users or LonelyScreen for Windows!

guitar ukulele fretboard

Guitar/Ukulele Fretboard

Build TAB or treble staff melodies with drag-and-drop musical notations collaboratively. Place them on the fretboard for easy demonstration!

chord chart

Chord Chart (iOS)

A visual library of 2500 examples of guitar and ukulele chords

web browser

Web Browser (iOS)

iOS to iOS users can share web searches and YouTube clips with audio!

reverse camera

Reverse Camera (iOS)

Flip your camera view to the other side of your iPad with this simple button to demonstrate hand positions!

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