Collaberative Whiteboard icon

Collaborative Whiteboard with annotation

An indispensable tool for teaching, the in-app, collaborative whiteboard can be used simultaneously by teacher and student to test musical theory, play games or outline concepts.

Keyboard icon

Interactive and collaborative keyboard

Helping a child find ‘middle C‘ over traditional conferencing apps has proved nearly impossible (“a little to the left… no, that’s too far left!”) Announcing our interactive soft keyboard. Moveable dots on the keys let you outline chord structures. Simply press a key or select a note to apply it to the staff. Sounds produced can be heard on both sides of the screen.

Collaborative File Upload

Collaborative File Upload

With the Musicology app, teachers can now upload a file (music game, theory worksheet, sheet music) and annotate it in real time together with the student. Especially useful for teaching theory virtually. Markups can be saved to bookmarks for future reference!

Grand Staff icon

Grand staff drop and drag editing

Musicology’s collaborative Grand Staff is a visual aid that lets you drag and drop notes to build a mini-score of 2 – 4 bars. No more holding up charts to the camera; build them together with your student without leaving the app.

Peer-to-Peer Video

full-duplex, peer-to-peer video conferencing

Musicology is a full-duplex, peer-to-peer video conferencing app with minimal audio processing. This lack of processing prevents the student and teacher’s audio from interfering with one another and, most importantly, minimizes latency (i.e. the time between a piano key being pressed and it being heard.)

Guitar Ukulele icon

Guitar and ukulele interactive features and 2500 chord database with TAB

Included is our Soft Guitar – a graphical fretboard allows you to easily enter notes into the tab and create custom chords. Chords can also be selected from an enormous built-in database and displayed on the screen in standard notation.

Metronome icon


Previously, dealing with online, third-party metronomes has been a nightmare for music teachers. Musicology’s high quality, customizable metronome is built right into the app for easy access by both student and teacher and heard on both ends of the screen.

Tuner icon

Guitar & ukulele tuner

Any teacher who has tried to help a student tune a guitar over Zoom knows how frustrating it can be. Musicology’s interactive tuner is specifically designed to teach students how to tune their instrument, gradually bringing the strings to the correct pitch.

Search icon

YouTube and Web Search

Don’t want to share your entire screen? No problem! Musicology has a built in YouTube and Web search engine to share examples to your students.

Secure rooms icon


Kids use Musicology, so we’ve taken extra special care with security and privacy. No unnecessary data about students or their lessons is stored in the app. We use the same security infrastructures that are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and protected by a team of dedicated security engineers.

Low Latency Icon

the lowest latency possible

Music is based on rhythms and precise timing–we need to be able to play along with our students. That’s why latency is one of the greatest challenges to online music instruction. Our team of developers at Arcane Four Studios have made it a priority to ensure music classes will have lowest latency, depending on internet connection. We’re bringing back duets!

Bookmark icon

Bookmarks for offline and online reference

Students can securely access the bookmarks and materials used in their lesson rooms at any time.

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