Writing on the Grand Staff Stamp

All About the Grand Staff

We get lots of comments about being able to draw on our Grand Staff feature but did you know we have thought of this already?

The Grand Staff feature was designed as a virtual piano between teacher and student, breaking down the wall of the screen. The keyboard can be played collaboratively and notes can be dragged on the staff to build melodic examples. This is very useful for all ages from beginner to advanced students.

Now that you know the purpose of the Grand Staff feature, let’s talk about the Grand Staff stamp. This icon is found in the whiteboard and looks like a flying eighth note. Clicking on this icon will bring up an exact screenshot of the Grand Staff feature on iOS. Slide the image to the top left corner of your screen and stretch it out according to the outline you see from your students device size. Then click add to background.

In this video, you see the user positioning the stamp on the whiteboard on their screen. Normally, there would be an outline of your students device size on there but since we aren’t connected with anyone here currently, the screen is completely white. The stamp is placed on the screen and then the writing tools are selected.

You can choose to draw free-hand with your mouse or make use of the circle and line tools for a more precise look.

You can also save your work on the stamp to the students room for future reference and to continue drawing on! Simply press the floppy disk icon and name the file. See this short video for a visual.

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