Grab a cup of hot cocoa and set the fire for your next online lesson…

Emojis can really enhance an online lesson especially with young kids! But hey, even us adults like a good emoji now and then, right?!

It’s amazing what a large animated emoji floating across the screen can do to enhance a students mood during their online lesson. We take requests too for future releases! One teacher asked for an ear emoji so that when her students weren’t listening, she would just pop it on the screen. Magic!

Here’s what teachers are saying about them:

“One of my students was having a rough day and he was not in the mood for a piano lesson. I listened to him for a bit and then casually pressed the rainbow poo emoji and suddenly his entire personality changed and we were able to continue with our lesson.” – Michael, Canada

“A student just told me she hops onto Musicology every day to draw on the whiteboard and play with the emojis!” Lorraine, Australia

“I would give them an emote for playing well, and then they would announce to their mom in the other room ‘Mommy, Miss Lynne gave me a flower emote!” Lynn, Canada

See our new winter emojis in this short video below! They will update seasonally. We want to hear what YOU want for the next update!

I also invite you sign up for our next webinar – November Feature Teacher! Where you can hear from a teacher that has been using Musicology since it’s early alpha days and LOVING IT! She can also engage children as young as THREE online so you’re sure to learn some fun tips. Hope to see you there!

Musically yours;

November Feature Teacher

Feature Teacher Webinar Wednesday November 17th @1:00ET
Learn from a REAL teacher using Musicology!

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