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Hello everyone!

We’ve been so busy over here getting everything ready for the BIG LAUNCH at the end of March! We also have a new marketing campaign that is launching February 5th so stay tuned to our social channels (links below!) and follow us for never seen before images of our app in working order.

I’d like to announce that we have an amazing new creative director leading our marketing team. He’s a marketing wizard with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience behind him. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to have him as part of Musicology. With his help, our new website is going to be stunning with lots of design details and FAQs so you will never feel lost. 

The guitar features are coming along nicely. We’re implementing a version of the Grand Staff, except just for guitar and ukulele. There is a visual fret board for both instruments so you’ll never have to hold your guitar up to the camera again – simply place dots on the strings to show your student. There is also a treble clef and tab chart with a musical palette to drop-and-drag examples. Build a little melody and show your student. I actually can’t wait for my son’s ukulele teacher to use this in their lessons – big smile! Oh… and the guitar tuner is coming along nicely as well! The Devs are fine tuning the audio to make sure everything is perfect.

I’ve personally loved using Musicology’s collaborative whiteboard in my lessons. I just take a picture of my student’s theory page and upload it to the whiteboard, which acts like a projector (remember those?!) My students and I complete their theory pages and they are just amazed that we can write together on the same sheet. Then I send them an emoji (there is a long list of very large and animated emojis that flutter across the screen) and they love that. 

(Fun side note about the emojis: There is a rumour that the rainbow poop emoji the Devs built will actually make a poop sound – that was their idea, haha. It will have a lock button on the teachers side of course. What I’ve discovered is that kids can’t help themselves from playing around with the buttons and then lying about it: “No, that wasn’t me!” they cry, forgetting that I can totally see them haha.)

Quick announcement about the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA): they have a virtual conference coming up March 13 – 17 and Musicology will have an exhibitors booth. I’m working hard to make my virtual office look great for that. Come and say hi if you can. I will be live in the exhibitors hall to answer your questions.

MESSAGE TO ALL BETA TESTERS: We are a bit delayed with testing but hope to have things in order by the end of February. The teacher portal is currently being built and we’re finishing up some smaller details on the app to make sure it runs as smooth as possible. Then we launch! Hang in there. I’m as anxious as you to get this out there. 

Finally, here’s A QUESTION for you teachers out there: On our virtual keyboard (which is polyphonic btw, and can play sounds on both ends of the screen) we have the option to turn the names of the notes on or off with a button. Right now, the Devs have it as an eyeball but I think it needs to be something else. What do you think? ABC’s building blocks might be better? Just plain ABC letters? A little keyboard image? Send us a message and let us know your thoughts.

Stay tuned and talk soon!


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