Troubleshoot Like A Genius

June 31 2022 Feature image

We are music teachers so why is troubleshooting important? Because peoples computers are like peoples pianos or cars – they need to be maintained. If your students piano keys are sticking or is out out of tune, you call a technician. You troubleshoot the problem and advise the solution.

Teaching online is no different. Software can only perform as well as the device it’s performing on is maintained.

Whether you like it or not, you now have a new skill – IT consultant! But it’s not as hard as you think. With a few proactive actions like the ones listed below and using these three items (Bandwidth, Redial, Restart) during times of technical difficulty, you too can be a troubleshooting genius!

Here are three valuable and simple tips anyone can do to fix a video call without having to contact a Network professional or any IT support:

• Bandwidth     • Redial     • Restart

What do these mean?

In simple terms, bandwidth is the maximum speed at which you can upload or download data from the Internet onto your computer or mobile device.

By just hanging up and dialling again, your call will most likely transit via the web in a different and more efficient manner.

Restarting your computer keeps it functioning smoothly and can often improve performance if you’ve been having problems.

Here are some simple examples of how you can maintain the best internet for your call below


Have all parties involved in the call do the internet speed test linked here, to ensure all parties have sufficient connection.


Try disconnecting from the call, refresh the application, then clear your chrome cache, and rejoin!


You’ve definitely heard this one before, but it is the most valuable. Restart your device completely.

Check out this video for more details!

Tech Tips

Tech Checklist to send to students

  • Do a speed test at www.speedtest.net
  • Make sure no one else is online if your package is a basic package
  • Reset your router (push and hold button on side for 10 seconds and release)
  • Close unused tabs or background apps
  • Refresh Chrome
  • Quit and restart Chrome
  • Turn your device off and on again
  • Check for updates for your iOS, OS or Chrome
  • If your router is more than four years old, call your provider for a new one

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