Tom’s Testimonial

Tom's Testimonial

I am no stranger to teaching online.  My journey into online teaching began in 2011, when I started taking lessons with a voice teacher.  At that time, the only viable option was Skype!  Since then, I have tried almost every application, most of which needed to be tweaked to make it work for online lessons.  Here is a list of the applications I have used and my experience with each:

  • Skype (since 2011)
    • Decent audio quality
    • Decent video quality
    • No whiteboard function
    • Not made for musicians
    • Hard to find students to connect for the first time
    • Connection isn’t always stable
  • Zoom (2 years)
    • decent video quality
    • Must enable music mode, which only works well with computers, not so much smartphones or tablets
    • Whiteboard is limiting and doesn’t have any music related functions
    • Connection isn’t always stable
  • Muzie (since summer 2020)
    • Great sound quality
    • Great video quality
    • Always stuck in side by side view
    • I haven’t used the whiteboard function, so can’t talk about that
    • It’s a little complicated to get students logged on and connected to the teacher before the first lesson.
  • ROLL (since summer 2020, no longer using)
    • Audio is about the same as Zoom in music mode
    • Video quality will suffer to make sure audio quality stays good.
    • First one to have a music related whiteboard, but it was not user friendly.
    • Has some useless functions like a database of music that is very difficult to navigate and I ended up just not using.
    • Has two levels of paying membership,  depending on if you teach one instrument or more than one.
    • In my opinion,  many of the functions it boasted were a let down, like the whiteboard, music pdf database, chord pictures, etc
    • Since the app is mostly based on Google Chrome, it is beholden to Chrome updates, which would sometimes create issues in the middle of lessons, causing more headaches and make up lessons.
  • Musico (since January 2021)
    • I have only used this for two students, but it is only just a room with good sound and video.
    • Though, the sound does suppress when singing too loudly.
    • It is connected to their practicing component, so you can make assignments in real time
    • Takes a while to log them into the room
  • Google Meets (once or twice)
    • Basically the same as zoom and Skype
    • No control over sound quality
  • FaceTime (since summer 2020)
    • So far this has been the best video quality, sound has been decent,  though sometimes cuts out on high and low ends
    • Best with newest Apple products
    • No whiteboard or screen share function
    • Good if nothing else is working

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