The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Many of us have thrived online along with our students this past 14 months. We have seen our students become more independent with their instrument, understanding how to problem solve to find a note in a bar of music without us physically pointing to it or moving their hands. This is incredible and what we WANT for our students. We don’t want them to rely on us forever and ever; we want them to grow with their instrument and learn to work it out on their own. 

Sometimes, in person lessons can be compared to helicopter parenting (physically placing hand positions and pointing to notes) whereas online, kids learn to be more independent. A simple analogy; many kids enter Kindergarten not being able to dress themselves or open their lunch containers. Why? Because their parents always did it for them and didn’t give them the TIME they needed to learn to do it on their own. Music lessons are the same. If we are always the crutch our students are using to learn, they will never become independent.

Let’s look at a quick list of other benefits of online music lessons:

  • Lessons in the comfort of your own home without another body coming into it! 
  • Build a long term relationship with a teacher you love no matter where you are
  • The ability to pick and choose the right teacher for you instead of who is available in your area
  • Technology can make classes more interesting
  • Virtual recitals allow families from other areas to join in!
  • Save more time with back to back lessons
  • Learn to communicate clearly
  • Learn note taking skills
  • Students become more self reliant
  • Greater flexibility
  • You can both travel!
  • Easy payment options
  • Simple set up that is convenient for you 
  • No waiting room
  • Easy to fit in a busy schedule
  • Lessons on your own instrument
  • High quality instruction from relaxed and happy teachers
  • Online teachers are engaging! 


The struggle that students and teachers have faced online has nothing to do with it being online but with the fact that they are working from a platform that is not built with children or music teachers in mind. I’ve spoken about band-aid solutions for these non kid-friendly platforms and at the end of the day it’s only benefiting a little. 

Musicology fixes this. Students are engaged because they can interact with the screen as much as the teacher can. Have a theory assignment from your student and want to mark it with them? Have them upload it to the whiteboard and mark it on the screen with them. It’s easy to do on Musicology! Have a high energy student that needs to be doing something in the lesson at all times? Have them learn their song on the virtual piano, it’s MIDI compatible in the Web App and kids love seeing their notes light up on the screen. 

Have a student that works well with rewards? Send them an emoji whenever they get something right. 

Do you like to use OBS or multiple cameras? You can do that with Musicology! Audio/Video is automatically picked up. 

Musicology works best on Chrome or Edge at this point so please tell your students this. The iPad app will communicate with the Web App but the Web App won’t be able to see the features of the iOS app until they are built. The developers have been working hard on stability so you can be sure that when you are using our platform, it isn’t going to have errorsThe collaborative whiteboard is coming soon!! 

Register today for your 30-day free trial while we are in Early Access. All users will be entered in a giant giveaway for a Macbook Air M1 and other great products from our brand partners including a one year FREE membership to Musicology and My Music Staff. 

Credit to https://coast2coastonlinemusicschool.com/ for the online lesson list and photo.

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