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I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years about technology and am still learning…

My purpose now is to pass on that information to teachers around the globe and help them understand the ever changing landscape of technology as well as pass on some helpful tips! Here are four of them for you that I recently discovered from others that have passed on their finds. Isn’t it fun how that works?!

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Reduce Glasses Glare

Do you wear glasses while you teach online and find yourself fighting with the ring light showing up as a reflection in your lenses? The easiest way to fix this is super simple – put your light on a big box or stack of books on the desk/table/piano and put your light on top! Then, angle the light so it is pointing down towards your head. This way you are getting the needed light on your face without the dreaded circular reflection!

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If you ever forget to allow access for Chrome to use your camera or microphone, you can go into Chromes settings and enable it there. If that’s too confusing, just relaunch Chrome or restart your computer to get those messages again!

If you find yourself unable to share your entire screen due to Apple’s extra security settings watch this video. Click on System Preferences –> Privacy & Security –> Screen Recording –> Allow access to Chrome.

iOS 15 has a new feature! Use Mic Mode to get all of the benefits of Musicology without any audio isolation. Use Wide Spectrum to allow all sounds to be heard. Thanks to Aaron (a Musicology user) for pointing this one out!

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