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Technology: Friend or Foe article

Technology can be a blessing and also a frustration. We are here to help you with that!

As teachers, we have all learned so much during this new era of technology. We find ourselves becoming not only tech support for ourselves, but also for our students families. In this blog you will find a useful template you can send to your students parents on things they can do to maintain their tech at home as well as an invite to a Tech Talk with an IT guy!

Dear (Parent),

(Student) and I have been having a lot of fun in our online lessons on Musicology and making great progress! I wanted to share with you some helpful tips for making our lessons run as smooth as possible. Maintaining your devices and internet will insure we have the highest quality during our lessons and less hiccups to manage. Thanks for your cooperation!

Mobile Devices
1. Shut down background apps
2. Restart devices more regularly to clear data
3. Stop automatic app updates
4. Manage your data a storage – if there is less then 1GB of space, remove unwanted apps/music/photos/videos
5. Turn off app notifications

1. Clear browsing data/cache/cookies
2. Quit Chrome and relaunch
3. Restart Computer

1. Place router in middle of house
2. Use wifi pods if far away from router
3. Reset router if internet is slowing down
4. Call your internet provider for a new router if the current one is more than three years old

Musically yours;

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