I am learning so much. There are many little details involved in developing and marketing a major app. So many layers. Small fees everywhere that me, as a general consumer, would never think about. For example, we have to have to have Cloud Storage in order to save collaborative uploads. What does that mean? In Musicology, when you upload a file (say, a theory worksheet) to the whiteboard and unlock collaborative annotation, (one easy button!), so that you and your student can write on it at the same time, you need to save it afterwards. Where do these files save? The cloud of course! These finished worksheets (or whatever you produce on the file upload whiteboard) can be saved in the Student Room for easy retrieval. Or, you can save it locally to your iPad or a web interface for accessing room content at a later date.

Check out this conversation I had with the developers as I tried to wrap my mind around cloud storage:

Me (Rebecca): And so it saves to the cloud until they transfer it to their own device?

Jonathan: No it’s always in the cloud. That way if they use a different iPad it still has their room.

Me: OK

Jonathan: Or switch to the browser next week., when we have that.

Me: Cool. It’s good I understand these things.

Jonathan: The student’s room lives “in the cloud” 🙂 LOL

Me: Aha.

Jonathan: I can see some awesome illustration there.

Me: Yes lol

Jonathan: Is this next weeks blog post? 🙂

Me: It should be!

Jonathan: The content writes itself for this one!

Me: I’m going to call it ‘Room on a Cloud’

Jonathan: I fell like it should be narrated by Homer Simpson

Me: You’re probably right

Jonathan: Yes, Lisa, there are magical little happy rooms in the cloud!

In short, Musicology will offer a storage solution to your upload needs with options to save your creations or share to other studio organization programs. If you use My Music Staff or Musico, go ahead and upload your creations there for your student to access, or simply save it in their room on Musicology for future reference.

This week, we are still working on setting up for testing on the App Store – lots of registration numbers – so that I can personally test what has been done so far. We are halfway there! Next up is building the Grand Staff drop and drag with soft keyboard, guitar tools and metronome. All should be interactive within one another. In addition, the slider bar has been created! (See picture below.) What this means is that if you’re speaking for a long period of time, just press that little button at the bottom of the screen and enable conversation mode’ so the program will prioritize your voice over the instrument. If you’re knee deep in some playing, keep that button activated on music mode’ for the ultimate instrument experience. The best of both worlds all in one place!

Please remember to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for updates! Also, send me a personal message anytime if have any input. I’d love to hear your thoughts. After all, this is a community production.

Talk soon, friends!


App screenshot 1
App screenshot 2

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