Resizing images on the whiteboard

June 27 2022 Feature

Resizing images on the whiteboard with Musicology’s easy-to-use smart board! In this tutorial you will learn exactly how to do that. Don’t be afraid to push buttons and test things out!

TIP: You need to place a call (it won’t actually call them) with a student or test room for the whiteboard to activate. Each whiteboard is connected to each students individual room. Happy teaching!

The Whiteboard Button

The button to access the whiteboard during a call is located at the bottom left of the screen. There you will find a large plus sign in a circle, click the plus and a menu of icons appear. The first button closest to the plus sign looks like a pen with a swoosh around it. This is the whiteboard. Once selected, it will take you and your student to a different screen ready to annotate, and other fun stuff!

Whiteboard Page

Once you’ve selected the whiteboard button, it will bring you to a new layout with your icons on the right side, and editing tools in the middle at the bottom such as a pen, eraser, and of course shapes with tons of colours for all!. Your students camera is viewable, as well as a grey dotted line as seen in the image above. That line indicates how big your students screen is and acts as a visual boarder to keep it accessible for both teachers and student.

Resizing images

In the image above, you’ll see that the sheet music has appeared quite small. to adjust the size, highlighted in green, there is a size adjustment button located at the bottom right of the image. You can drag and move this image as you please! Remember to stay within the grey line boarder so both parties can see the image fully.

Musicology 101: Detailed video on resizing images on the whiteboard.

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