Rainbow Sparkle Poop!

Rainbow poop emoji

We as music teachers need to have a keen sense of humour. The majority of our clients are children and if you can’t laugh with kids then you’re not connecting with them. I can’t think of the number of times I’ve had a student come to me all super excited with something they wanted to tell me that they thought was HILARIOUS. We would laugh and laugh and then sometimes use what they were excited about to inspire entry to a new music concept in the lesson. This is what keeps kids engaged in lessons and teaching online is no different. It’s no wonder that we get some parents who tell us their kids just aren’t good with online lessons. We get that. We also know that it might has a lot to do with the platforms that are out there. Cue the rainbow sparkle poop emojis and party parrots!

Music lessons should be educational and informative but also up to date. You cannot teach a child in 2020 the same way they did in 1880! With Musicology, we want both the teacher and student to have the ultimate experience. For teachers, this often means tools they can use collaborative annotation on a white board and grand staff or a drop and drag keyboard and guitar fret board to show musical examples. For the kids, this means games and fun and colourful treats. Teaching music is my passion, but first and foremost I will always be a mom. I have two small children myself with big bold personalities and I can tell you 100% they want to have piano lessons online with fun emoji pooping up on their screen – see what I did there? Ha!

This week in Developerland things are getting really exciting. To follow up on the building process, they have built the sign-in screen with rooms which will present a one time, never changing four or five digit code and BOOM, you are connected to the teacher. They’ve brought the latency down greatly and will continue to fine tune. They also started working on the collaborative emoji share. Keep in mind that the images you see below are the building blocks of the program and not the full design for what things will look like exactly, but you get the idea. There is also rumour that Musicology will feature a rainbow poop emoji that emerges onto the screen in translucent animation sparkling music notes. The kids are gonna love this I guarantee it!

Musicology will be available for beta testing December 2020 and full release Spring 2021. Our state of the art video conference platform with collaborative tools for teaching will be like no other out there and available on any Apple device, plus most browsers.

Be inspired be safe and be well.


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