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If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned a thing or two about technology during the pandemic. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Although Musicology does not supply tech support for issues when it comes to internet/devices/environments, we do still want to help. So please read on for some useful tips as well as a fun new update to the Grand Staff feature on our Web App.

As you know, Musicology is available as a downloadable app for iPad OS and iOS as well as a Web App that is currently configured for Chrome. Please be sure your students are using Chrome as well—this is very important until we configure Safari, which will be next on the agenda. It is also useful to share this information with your families. It will help them in other aspects of their life too. See this link for further details on Google Chrome Help.

To speed up Chrome, you can do the following:

  • Step 1:  Update Chrome
  • Step 2:  Close unused tabs
  • Step 3: Turn off or stop unwanted processes
  • Step 4:  Let Chrome open pages faster
  • Step 5:  Check your computer for Malware

Now for the fun news!
We have some exciting new features that I can’t wait to share with you. On the Web App you will now find some new buttons: remove keyboard labels, turn volume on MIDI down, a mute button to mute the sound of the midi so it doesn’t duplicate with your piano sound and … wait for it … RAINBOW KEYS! You heard that right, folks. There is now a button that looks like a rainbow where you can activate rainbow coloured keys. This is so much fun for the kids (and adults!) and it makes it very easy to see what key has been pressed. You will find that MIDI is much easier to show examples of positions than simply a camera over your piano (which we also have for those that enjoy it.) However, with MIDI, you can see the position much more clearly without fingers getting in the way. It’s also fun for the student to do as well. All they have to do is plug their keyboard into their computer with a MIDI cable (also a printer cable) before the call starts and Musicology will automatically pick it up. For those that are on an acoustic instrument, fear not! Simply press the keys on the screen. This feature is available to both student and teacher and works collaboratively so you can always see what the other person is pressing. 

Please enjoy this short tutorial on our newest features. Drag and drop music palette is being built this week. 

Grand staff update button


A quick reminder that all registrants of Musicology will be entered into our Ultimate Music Teacher Giveaway which closes September 30th. You can win a Macbook Air M1 and other great prizes from our brand partners: a total value of $1700! 

Coming Up Next: An exciting webinar where you will learn all sorts of useful tips and explore new features with Note Quest, a sight reading app from California and Musicology. Stay tuned to next week’s blog for more details. 

Stay safe, happy and healthy friends! 

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