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You’ve invested in your in-person studio. Now is the time to invest in your online studio!

There is so much information out there that it can be difficult to decide what you need and what you don’t need. Subscriptions can add up but they also help present you as a professional in your industry which means parents are more willing to invest in you as their children’s teacher.

Musicology has exceptional audio, zero cut outs of sound and the lowest latency around thanks to our peer-to-peer foundation. In addition, there are interactive and collaborative tools already built into the platform to engage your students.

What else do you need? A scheduling and note taking system, of course! My Music Staff is a tried and trusted software that is going on it’s eighth year. We at Musicology are proud to partner with them and serve the music industry! We had a great turnout for our webinar last week (see the replay below!). Here is a breakdown of what was discussed.

My Music Staff is also offering a special discount to new users – sign up for your 60-day FREE trial with them HERE!

Musicology is also offering a special promo in celebration of this collaboration. Use code MMS21 for a FREE month in addition to the 14-day FREE trial!

Q. Tell us a little bit about how My Music Staff was born – what is the history of its founders?
A. My Music Staff is studio management software that helps you manage your students, schedule, billing, and so much more! We’ve been around for a little over 8 years now. We like to say that My Music Staff started as a love story between our founder, a software developer, and his wife, a music teacher. She was looking for something that could help her manage the admin work for her studio – and My Music Staff was born!

Q. What are the top three questions you get asked in support?
A. It’s hard to say the top 3, since it really varies based on the time of the month, how long the member’s been using MMS, and what features they use. A lot of questions, especially around the end of the month/beginning of the new month are about invoicing & billing. Our top 3 tips to help troubleshoot any invoicing issues are:

  • Let calendar-based billing do its job! MMS will automatically generate the lesson charges for you based on the student’s price and attendance, you don’t need to manually add them yourself.
  • Always check the balance date! On top of the Families & Invoices page or any Family Account is a button with a calendar icon and date. The balance date determines what transactions you’re viewing at that time. Move the date forward to peek ahead at upcoming charges, or move it back to view past transactions.
  • Set up auto-invoicing! With this feature, you can customize the settings for each family or set them up in bulk. Set it up once and save hours of your time while your invoices are automatically created and emailed every month or term.

Q. What are the core features of My Music Staff?

A. The core features of My Music Staff are the ones that calendar-based billing are linked to: students, scheduling, and billing. In the Students menu, you’ll organize your student list, add details and contact info about them, and set up their default lesson length and price. In your Calendar, you can add lessons and events, create custom event categories and locations, and take attendance. The attendance status will determine whether the student should be billed for the lesson or not, and whether to issue a make-up credit. You can then find their billing & account information under Families & Invoices. Here you can create manual invoices or set up auto-invoicing, view family balances, a history of transactions, and record payments (if you use our Stripe or PayPal integration to collect online payments, you won’t need to manually record them – they’ll automatically appear in the account!).

Q. What’s on the horizon for you?
A. The team has been working tirelessly on a major upgrade to the entire platform. We’re redesigning and rebuilding it using newer technology that loads much faster, looks more modern, and will allow us to introduce new features and integrations easier down the line. It’s also laying the groundwork for a mobile app! We also shared some of our other internal updates in a recent blog post: https://www.mymusicstaff.com/pumpkin-spice-latte-of-updates

Q. How can users of Musicology use My Music Staff and input the platform info/student codes in the system?
A. It’s quite simple! You can add the Musicology web app link and the student’s room code into the public description of their lesson. Then, edit your lesson reminder template to make sure it includes the public description placeholder. When students & parents receive the reminder email, the clickable link to Musicology and their specific room code will be included! You can follow along with the steps in this help article: https://support.mymusicstaff.com/articles/950

The Grand Staff

The Grand Staff Feature

Playable on-screen keyboard, MIDI compatible, collaborative drag-and-drop notes to build melodic examples.

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard

Collaborative whiteboard, drawing tools, file storage, multi-page upload, keyboard and staff stamp.

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