Musicology Whiteboard Tutorial

Musicology Whiteboard Tutorial Feature

Musicology’s whiteboard is very different then traditional video conferencing platforms. We have designed it so that it is much more intuitive than simply screen sharing music or theory!

Each student or family has their own private room. When their room is called, the whiteboard icon will be activated as it is connected to each individual room that you create for your students. You can then select a file that you have previously uploaded to the teacher portal (https://portal.musicology.ca) or simply drag over a file to the whiteboard during the lesson and save it there for future reference!

Your students and you can draw on files uploaded to the whiteboard easily with no extra settings!

I like to load music during a lesson and it’s so easy to do! I take a picture of the book which they also have, text or email it to myself (you can also Air Drop it if you have Apple devices) and then simply drag it over to the whiteboard. Then, I position them if they are more than two pages and save the file as one for easy access in future lessons.

You can also annotate on the music or theory and save the file along with the annotations! I like to do this when we are studying dynamics so that they are highlighted to easily reference next time.

If your student is working on practice exams for their upcoming theory exam it’s so easy to send homework for them. I have had students take a photo of their hardcopy at home after they completed the work and upload it to their room before their next lesson so that we can mark it and work out the mistakes together. So simple!

Watch the tutorial video below to learn more!

Aside from having great features to work on together, Musicology has audio built specifically for music with new technology – unlike older video conferencing platforms. Dynamics can be heard, pedalling and it’s even possible to play duets!

Musically yours;

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