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The last few months of testing have been a rollercoaster but we are pleased to announce that Musicology will be available on the App Store at the beginning of this week! We have submitted to Apple for the final review and are just awaiting their update. 

Our beta testers have given us some amazing feedback and we are so happy to have such fabulous individuals on Team Musicology. They have been invaluable to the launch of Musicology and undoubtedly have made it the best platform out there to teach music online. 

One of our awesome testers, Michael H., is from Toronto and moved to Sweden last year. Like many of us, he started teaching his students on Zoom, found it disappointing for music lessons and quickly jumped onboard Team Musicology as one of our alpha and beta testers. He was blown away with features and the exceptional audio/video. Many have asked us, why does Musicology work SO well in rural settings when other platforms do not? Well, we can’t give away our secret sauce but it has something to do with our team of brilliant, experienced and seasoned app developers. They have tweaked every aspect of the code to bring Musicology’s audio and functionality to a supreme level. It’s hard to believe until you experience it yourself so please do not hesitate to try us out with our 30 day free trial, and tell your friends to subscribe to our website for extra discounts. 

I will be sending out promo codes this week to our valuable subscribers on our website and these promos will be available until 11:59pm May 31st.  

Meanwhile, take a look at this video testimonial that Michael sent us, all the way from Sweden. I think you’ll be quite impressed with what he has to say about his experience with Musicology. “When I teach, it’s like I’m right next to them, through a tiny little window!

Keep an eye out for Musicology in the App Store early this week!

Take care all and keep in touch, 


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