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The NAMM Show was held June 3rd-5th 2022, in beautiful Anaheim, California. Musicology’s second show! We handed out goodies as we walked the floor, and met some amazing people! Follow along our wonderful journey below!

What is The NAMM Show?

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) brings over 100,000 like-minded people together every year for three days of non-stop musical action. It’s a chance for brands to showcase the very best of what they make.

The organization was established in 1901 in Anaheim, California. It quickly grew into the most prominent music tech event worldwide, only rivalled by Musik Messe, which takes place in Germany.

Your favourite companies of all backgrounds and disciplines get a booth at the Anaheim Convention Centre to present their latest products. Every household name, from Fender to Zildjian and Roland to Gibson bring their ‘A’ game to one of the loudest, busiest places on earth. But it’s not just the big boys in the music industry who benefit. New and unfamiliar brands are able to boost their following through the massive amount of media coverage.

NAMM is only open to those who work in the music industry. It provides the likes of musicians, YouTubers, journalists, retailers, or even a sound engineer from the other side of the world with a platform to create content and test out products.

Musicology at NAMM

We had so much fun seeing our favourite brands and people that we’ve connected with online for the past two years finally in person! There was lots of hugging. Below are some of my favourite peeps – My Music Staff Mike and Dasa and Carly Walton from Teach Music Online!

You may think that the two photos below are the same people but they aren’t!

On the left, I got to meet a famous person in my mind – Hortz Wittner of Wittner Metronomes who is the grand son of the original founder, 1895. Stay tuned for that very interesting interview!

On the right is Jim Norris from Canadian Musician Magazine and NWC World, a music marketing company specifically for the music industry. Musicology sponsored the NAMM Canadian Meetup at the Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim where we got to mingle with other fellow Canadians in the industry.

We had a great time handing out goody bags and sitting in on educational seminars. There was so much to do here from all different angles of the music industry.

History of NAMM Show

NAMM is born! Fifty Two members of the National Piano Manufacturers Association of America formed the National Association of Piano Dealers of America

The first annual convention and trade show was held in the YMCA hall in Baltimore, MD. Membership dues were set for $5.00 per store.

The first annual meeting of the National Association of Piano Dealers was held during the convention in Atlantic City, NJ.

NAMM helped established the Fair Freight Rates for use in many New York conventions.

NAMM published a booklet titled “Care of Pianos” and was given to each new member, our first member benefit besides entrance to the show.

NAPDA was renamed to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

NAMM partnered with the Bureau for the Advancement of Music and created materials for dealers to display in their stores.

One of the first times NAMM presented a program outside of New York. This year included the theme of radio, an important step in the development of the “music merchandise” aspect of the trade shows, allowing NAMM to focus on more than pianos.

NAMM joined the efforts to promote National Music Week. Additionally, new rules state all those attending the NAMM Show must have a badge.

Membership numbers reach 248 while an estimated 2,800 people attended the show. This was also the year that the first annual window display contest was held at the show.

NAMM marks its 50th anniversary! The trade show was held at the Palmer House in Chicago.

NAMM membership hits 1,000 for the first time.

Special 75th Anniversary party was held during the annual trade show in Chicago, where a record 103,360 square feet was sold.

Exhibits and Registration entrance of the winter Music & Sound Market at the Disneyland Convention Complex in Anaheim, California.

MIDI is introduced at the NAMM Show.

NAMM University and the NAMM magazine Playback are created.

NAMM U reaches 50,000 students

NAMM has the highest International member companies in its history. (29%) of NAMM membership is from outside the U.S. NAMM attendance in Anaheim tops 100,000 for the first time.

Largest show yet with an estimated 115,000 attendees.

Musicology attends NAMM in Anaheim, California!

Learn more about the history here

NAMM Memberships

Retail Members can access the spectrum of music products and innovations, along with industry-specific information and tips, marketing programs, music education advocacy tools, government affairs support, money-saving services and other resources necessary to set their businesses apart and create new customers.

Retail Affiliate Members are introduced to the newest products and innovations to enhance and grow their businesses, and receive training and year-round support through ideas and programs to help expand their market.Commercial sound studio and equipment rentals, pro audio/lighting retail sales and rentals, music schools with retail sales, rental stores, repair shops, vintage and pawn shops.

Commercial and Commercial Affiliate Members can showcase their gear, components and services to the global music products industry, and additionally benefit from government affairs support, money-saving services, industry news and statistics reports, music education advocacy tools and powerful resources necessary to help put their companies in the spotlight. Manufacturers, distributors, importers/exporters, publishers and OEMs/components.

Manufacturer Representative Members discover new lines, receive education on the latest offerings, build personal relationships with manufacturers, learn ways to better help their dealers and develop a network that helps to support the expansion of their businesses. Business acting as a sales representative for one or more current NAMM Member manufacturers.

Service Provider Member: Companies who sell products or services to NAMM Retail or Commercial members. The products or services are not provided for resale or used in manufacturing musical instruments or products. They assist Retail or Commercial NAMM members in conducting their businesses.

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