Musicology Aims to Streamline Online Lessons

NAMM News Article July 2021

By Elizabeth Dale

Musicology, the Canadian-based NAMM Member, is looking to improve the online music lesson experience for both teachers and students.

Rebecca Featherstone, founder and CEO, has been a piano teacher in Ontario for over 20 years. However, last year, along with most others music educators, was forced to ditch the traditional lesson protocol in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. No longer able to use the staple tools of her trade, Featherstone’s lessons came to a screeching halt. To adapt to this new environment, Featherstone jumped into online platforms to continue safely engage her students.

Teaching in the new online format became increasingly frustrating, so Featherstone decided to tackle the challenges presented through traditional platforms by creating a state-of-the-art application for online music instruction. Musicology was built “specifically for music teachers” and is a tool created “by music teachers, for music teachers.”

Read Rebecca’s answers to the following questions;

  • What motivated you to create Musicology?
  • How did you connect with your team of musicians and app developers?
  • How does Musicology serve instructors and students compared to other online platforms?
  • And more…

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