Music Lights the Way: A Grand Celebration with the RCM

April 25 2022 Feature

Come celebrate with us this week at Koerner Hall!

It’s been seven years since the last Celebration Series was launched by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and this particular year marks an added layer of anticipation from teachers who crave something new. The RCM has invited music teachers for both and in-person experience or live streamed direct from the heart of downtown Toronto Koerner Hall on Bloor St at St. George on Wednesday April 27th at 8:30pm.

As life transforms to a new normal, teachers who have worked tirelessly with their students through online learning, virtual exams and competition, video lessons, socially distanced lessons and online concerts are looking forward to coming together as a whole to pay a salute to organizations such as the Royal Conservatory of Music for guiding them through turbulent times.

The night will begin with a reception at 7:30pm followed by a concert where distinguished artists such as Angela Hewitt, Diane Werner, Jan Lisiecki, Lang Lang, Stewart Goodyear and Tony Yike Yang perform the works of the sixth edition of the Celebration Series.

But what caught the attention and wonder of many teachers on social media was the announcement that the RCM is to give out 400,000 books to 20,000 teachers both in Canada and the United States. How will this be done, you ask? Unfortunately, we do not have any more information on that but Team Musicology will be live at this event and reporting back to you so stay tuned in to our social media channels listed below.

An excerpt from the RCM’s press release on the launch:
The Royal Conservatory is dedicated to supporting its remarkable teachers and, because many are small business owners deeply affected by the pandemic, The RCM is giving Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition books to 20,000 of its devoted teachers in Canada and the United States to ensure they have the materials they need to continue their valued work.

The extraordinary gift of more than 400,000 books is The RCM’s latest contribution to fuel music education. Over the past two years The RCM has provided an infrastructure of support, including free teaching webinars to facilitate the shift to online learning, remote examinations, and more.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been to ensure the continuance of music education by supporting the critical infrastructure of independent music teachers across North America. This unprecedented gift of Celebration Series® books will enable us to continue this vital support,” said Dr. Simon.

Prepping student for RCM exams online?

Here are the benefits of using a video conferencing platform designed by an actual piano teacher who has prepared students for RCM exams for decades:

  1. Ultra low latency. Timing is key to music teachers and working off of group room platforms that have to send audio through a sever only increases latency. That’s why Musicology is a 1:1 platform so it skips the sever travel for a direct connection. Duets are possible with decent internet which is an important aspect to if you’re a teacher that enjoys accompanying your student while they play one hand of their repertoire.
  2. Full duplex audio (layered sound). On platforms like Zoom, audio cuts out when someone claps, sings or switches to piano making it difficult and a huge time waster during online lessons. On Musicology, the process is seamless and you can go ahead and interrupt your student during these sound changes while still being heard by them and vice versa. Even with “original sound” enabled on Zoom, it doesn’t come close to the natural audio process of Musicology.
  3. Simple connection. Each student has their own private room and room code designed by YOU, the teacher. A call on Musicology is encrypted via a SSL certificate for enhanced security. In addition, it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world – the connection of our call provider is global and supported.
  4. Collaborative and Interactive features. Each students room has file storage for scores and theory. Preparing for RCM theory exams is so easy on Musicology! Students can even upload their work to their room for the teacher to mark before the lesson and go over with on the screen together making marks and corrections! Although Musicology also has screen share available web app to web app, the whiteboard with file upload is much more effective.
  5. Virtual Piano Keyboard & Grand Staff. Teaching a new scale or working on inversions and intervals? Visualize this with your student on the playable on-screen keyboard that is also MIDI compatible! Just plug a printer cable into your piano keyboard and computer and see what you play highlight on the screen. Use the draggable musical palette to reinforce theory fo the technique learned and have your student drag notes around to build melodies!
The Whiteboard

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