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In the last year, I’ve connected with so many great people around the world. I suppose that’s one positive thing to come out of this last strange year of lockdowns. This past weekend I virtually attended the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) 2021 conference. My trusty sidekick Madi Trupp and I set up a booth there and set out to introduce Musicology to the world! 

We started things off by sending a personal message to all the attendees on the platform. People responded to us with interest, enthusiasm and a ton of questions. I attended the opening ceremony, which was a networking event on Zoom, and we were placed in breakout rooms every 12 minutes. I met so many fantastic teachers, some of whom I’ve seen on Facebook but never met “in person” so that was extra special. I also met with teachers from all parts of the USA, which was very eye opening. We watched a lot of amazing presentations by vendors and teachers. It was absolutely inspiring and I’m still arranging meetings. 

Musicology is set to launch to the public in a few short weeks and we begin beta testing the end of this week. This means that beta testers should have the weekend to set their students up on the teacher portal, test out the payment system (using a test credit card) and, of course, teach on Musicology. In addition, we have reassessed our pricing (yay!) to meet everyone’s needs. We are so excited for you to try out Musicology for yourself. Testing will last until launch time (beginning of April – we aim for April 1st) so be sure you get your students set up right away. 

FYI, all of our beta testers and subscribers will get 30 days free trial PLUS 50% off the second month, for a limited time. So let your friends know to come visit our website, sign up to our newsletter and give it a try. We promise they will love it.

Your questions, answered.

Q: On what devices can I use Musicology? 
A: Musicology is available for iPad or Apple Silicon currently. 

Q: Is there a browser version? 
A: It’s on the list for the near future and we will be looking into functionality following the iOS launch. 

Q: Why iPad? 
A: Because Apple is built for music and the arts. Graphics are better, functionality is better, audio and video are better. It’s really the ideal platform for an interactive video conference application. Because all of our features are collaborative and interactive, the flow is ideal on an iPad. 

Q: Do you have group capability? 
A: This is very possible in the next version. 

Q: Do you have screen share features like Zoom? 
A: No. We have something better that is more secure and keeps our app with a 4+ age rating: the file upload and the built in browser controlled by the teacher. Upload any file to the students room either in the lesson, or before in the portal, and it is saved there as long as you don’t delete it. Annotate on a theory sheet or a piece of music.

Q: Do you have multiple cameras? 
A: No. With the moveability of the iPad it’s not necessary and quite frankly, the students aren’t even looking. If you’d like, you can easily place the iPad on a stand for demonstrations. You can flip the camera for keyboard demos and place it on the piano’s music stand while working on the collaborative features. 

Q: Whose video shows on each feature? 
A: In the home screen, you will see your video and your student’s. On all the features, you will not see yourself and your student will not see themselves. The feedback we’ve heard back on this is: “Thank you!” My student is always looking at themselves and making faces but now they can’t see themselves!” 

Q: Why are you more expensive than other recently created music platforms? 
A: Musicology isn’t like any other app. This has never been done before. If we’re slightly more than another app you’ve seen, it’s because we’ve spared no expense to bring you only the best custom features, designed by a team of brilliant developers. Also remember that we don’t sell any advertising on the app or collect data and sell to third parties, as many others do to cut costs. That’s not what we’re about, at all, and we never will be. We are COPPA compliant and we don’t store any information about our users. We also use our call line provider, Twilio, because this is a closed-source platform and completely secure, with exceptional support so we don’t have blackouts. We have a giant team at Musicology who make sure it is the absolute best product on the market. We are here to serve YOU and your students!

Please remember, we are NOT Zoom and we are not simply a Zoom wannabe platform. We’ve built an app not only with music teachers in mind, but also music students. After all, it’s about our students and teaching them with the best tools available. You no longer need microphones and cables and booms and all those extras that we bought to make Zoom usable for music lessons. This is a custom-built app for teaching lessons online and it’s extremely effective. We’ve built for engagement, curiosity, independence and accessibility. 

See you in beta soon, folks!


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  1. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Zoom and I’m really looking forward to trying out this system but am a bit concerned that I won’t be able to have a view of students’ faces AND fingers. Most of my pupils use 2 cameras. In households with only one device I have found this to be really difficult. I always end up with the camera facing the student rather than the piano as it’s so important to see why the child isn’t playing something (especially when very young) and you can’t see emotions in their hands! Unfortunately, you can’t see what they’re doing wrong either and children are not good at moving the camera to be able to do this in a lesson. Is this a feature you’re planning to add?

    1. Hi Jo! Thanks so much for your comment. Because the iPad is so movable we have had success with it to the side of the piano on a stand or a chair where we can see them playing and their hand position or place the iPad on the music stand on the piano when working on a theory page. For extra reinforcement with keyboard awareness, we use the Grand Staff’s playable virtual piano first to bridge the gap when we are not physically there to point at the page and adjust their position. It’s worked well! We do not support multiple camera’s currently. We do have a flip screen that the student can hold the iPad over their hand position to show you as well and for you to show them. We have a 30 day free trial and extra discounts to our subscribers to please give it a try!

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