Madi’s Testimonial

Madi's testimonial

I have been a part of Musicology pretty much from the beginning. I was one of the alpha testers and also part of the original group of teachers who did brainstorming for features we would like to see.

Musicology has really made a big difference in how I teach. It has helped me really capture the attention of my younger students and also helped cement concepts with older ones.

Before Musicology I was using about 5 or 6 apps to have all the features I wanted. A whiteboard, music upload, on screen piano, theory exercises, just to name a few. Musicology now has all of that in one app. My favourite has to be the whiteboard. I use it for everything from theory exercises to quick in lesson explanations. It also lets me save everything I do so my students can find it later to help with homework or as a reminder of what we talked about in lessons. No more emails back and forth with screenshots or pictures to the parents.

The sound and video are also a huge improvement. I mostly used zoom, with occasional facetime depending on the students’ needs. With zoom especially the sound quality is frustrating. I can’t interrupt my students to make corrections and sometimes the piano or other instrument will cut out all together and I can’t hear anything. I tend to sing as my student is playing to help them with high or low sounds and directions. With zoom as soon as I make any sound I can’t hear the other end. Endless cycles of frustration. But now with Musicology I can hear everything. Its like I’m in the room and its real time. I can make corrections quickly and even clap and sing while my students are playing, and they can hear me!!!

I honestly use it everyday, even with students who don’t have ipads. It just helps me keep everything together. As soon as the browser version comes out I’m switching all my students over to that asap.

Overall I’m very happy with Musicology. I feel connected and supported, and listened too. The Musicology team even takes suggestions for future features!

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