Lynne’s Testimonial

Lynne's testimonial

I am using 3 platforms at the moment. Zoom, Rock Out Loud Live, and Musicology. I have converted ALL students with compatible Apple products to Musicology. The others are either using Zoom or ROLL.

Zoom since January 2020 and still use it for some students, like my preschoolers, since I can easily share videos, use my 2nd camera to show piano or read a book. Plus, some student’s parents prefer it.

Rock Out Loud Live: November 2020 started with a Free account. Then paid for one month Feb 17 to March 17 2021. The features included with the paid account were access to music library, whiteboard (not shared), and opportunity to use their EAR technology for Duets. ( which I didn’t use). I am still using the FREE account for some students. I found I didn’t use the other features enough. I do miss having my own room ID, so a drawback is that I have to email each student before their lesson with a new Room ID each week. Fun fun.

Musicology: I have used this platform since it became available in March for beta testing.

The greatest difference I have found between the other platforms I have used is the quality of sound and video. I also found that it is very user friendly, especially for young children. The features like the whiteboard, and interactive keyboard, and the emotes are unique, and I have seen a new excitement in students when we meet! Also, being able to circle and annotate on a piece of music together, is great! We can even save what we do. Students can also enter their private room, anytime during the week and use all of the features! You cannot do that with zoom or other platforms… at least the ones I have tried. Even though you cannot SHARE your screen, or another camera, there is a way to share with the built in browser, for Youtube or other information. No longer do I have to email a new code for each lesson, or worry about whether I will hear all the notes of my young singers. So far, Musicology is the win for my studio! At the moment it is only on Apple products, like an ipad, but more is coming, and I cannot wait for the browser version and future updates so that I can get ALL of my students using it! One final thing… I really like that it was created by music teachers! Rebecca and her team have been so helpful and are amazing people to work with! You don’t get that with Zoom!

 MusicologyZoomRock Out Loud
SoundGreat so far!  Although volume control may be a great additionhorriblePretty good. 
VideoNice and clearCan be good, and bad, dependsMostly good, sometimes bad, depending on connection
ConnectionWhen WIFI is strong, it is great!  Obviously, when students have weak WIFI there are issues,  like any platformNeed to have ethernet connection as wifi is not reliableNeed to have ethernet connection as wifi is not reliable.  It also uses more bandwidth than zoom
WhiteboardAmazing! Pretty good.  Student can annotate. No Access unless paid account.  Music staff entry is quirky. Barely used.  Not integrative with student. (student cannot use)
Integrated piano keyboardyesNo no
Waiting roomnoyesyes
Private Room IDEach student has own room.Personal zoom ID. Personal Room ID with paid account only. students  Have to enter a new code each time you start a new lesson. 

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