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Ottawa lesson setup

Last weekend I was in Ottawa for a small and socially distanced launch celebration with the app developers. I also had piano lessons to teach and, in the past, I would have stressed about teaching on the road but this time, because of Musicology, I was actually able to take my lessons with me. My first time using Musicology while travelling! I had with me my iPad Pro, headphones, my student’s books, and a roll up piano. It all fit nicely in a backpack and I set up on the nice white desk in our hotel room. About 10 minutes into the lesson I noticed the connection was not great. I was sharing the internet with the whole hotel and the bandwidth was poor. I did a speedtest and sure enough, it was very low. But I just switched to a data hotspot off my phone and immediately everything was fine. We continued without a problem. 

My first student is in RCM Grade 5 and we started with technique, some sight reading and then some ear training which the roll up keyboard was perfect for. We both have copies of the books so it makes the sight reading fairly simple to navigate. I do have to say though, demonstrating articulation on a rollup keyboard is NOT ideal. 

My second student is doing ‘My First Piano Adventure Primer’ and we mainly worked on theory pages, which was done easily by taking a screenshot of the digital book I’d purchased online and then bringing it up on the whiteboard (like screen share but more security protected). My student was very excited because their Apple Pencil finally came and they could write with precision! 

My third student is working through RCM Grade 1 and I’m trying to bring his theory up to speed. He’s excellent at learning by ear but his reading needs to catch up a bit so I took a picture of a theory page and we worked on the page together with his new Apple Pencil. Then, I assigned him the next page to do from his own book at home that week. 

All in all, it was a successful remote remote lesson! Technology is truly amazing and I love the freedom of being able to pick up and leave without having to worry about missing my lessons or doing make-ups. It’s also good to know that I can be hundreds of miles away from my students and Musicology still works perfectly fine (with a decent internet connection.)

Lastly, we have had one recent request that got me thinking and I’d like to know how many others would like to see this feature: 

“A smaller version of the Virtual Piano Keyboard at the bottom of the Whiteboard so that you can play examples for your students or have them play while sharing a file upload of music”.

Let us know if you would love this feature!

Take care and keep in touch.


Photo 1
Grade 1 RCM student doing theory

Photo 2
Grade 5 RCM student working on her song with the metronome, slow practice. The metronome sound was pushed through from her side to mine and it sounded perfectly in time! 

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