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Piano and iPad

We, as music teachers, are resilient. Our students are resilient. We have learned so much this past year and some are left with a sense of accomplishment and some are left with a sense of exhaustion. Which one are you? It’s been an enlightening experience to meet so many great minds online this past year and to learn from each other. Recently,I had the pleasure of sitting in on a couple of Zoom sessions with Rebekah Maxner who gave us some fresh ideas for teaching online and highlighted Musicology. I encourage you to follow her blog and join her FB group: Piano Teacher Canada–a truly inspiring bunch! 

Some things I learned from our sessions as well as some of my own tips for teaching online:

  • Start your online lesson off asking your students a personal question (what is your favourite thing to do? Do you have any pets? What is one fun thing you did today?) This helps build connection.
  • Keep it simple and engaging with your own sparkling personality! 
  • Avoid bluetooth. This will cause latency and lessen the experience. 
  • Avoid multiple cameras. This will also cause latency and overwhelms the student. 
  • Have your materials prepared ahead of time. You can upload your students’ pieces or theory worksheets/games to their room before the lesson. In a pinch, you can do this while in the lesson too; it only takes a few seconds. 
  • Both teacher and student should wear headphones. Especially recommended when playing duets. 
  • Consider a ring light or a bright window that will shine light on your beautiful face. 
  • Wear bright colours. This makes you “pop” on screen.

Tell us about your tips and tricks for teaching online! 

Apple & Musicology

You’ll notice that technology is changing rapidly right now. One company to make BIG, forward thinking changes is Apple. All new Apple products purchased in 2021 will have their own new and powerful chip called M1 or Apple Silicon. This will allow all apps that can operate on iOS 14 to work also on iMac and MacBooks. This includes Musicology and we are currently configuring our app for this adjustment. So, if you have been thinking about upgrading your Apple products, now is the time to do so. Soon, many will become obsolete. Apple was due for a transition and here we are! There are rumours they are trying to connect with Elon Musk’s SpaceX program to bring the internet from space directly to their products. How amazing would that be? 

Updates: iPhone configuration is underway and will be available in a couple of weeks. 

Browser build will come in phases, starting with Audio/Video in a couple of months. We encourage you to use us with your Apple students in the meantime and remember to use promocode RISEUP for savings off your second month. The first month is always free! 

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