Leanne’s Testimonial

Leanne's Testimonial

My only experience so far is with Skype, Zoom and FaceTime–I’ve done calls with friends on Google Meet but that was truly horrible.

Having a whiteboard in Zoom is part of what makes this platform attractive. Musicology has taken this to the next level however with the interactive built in staff and keyboard. Also, the ability to move and size the students’ video makes it possible to use the entire screen, same with the minimizable and minimalist control panel. I find the whiteboard and file sharing very simple and intuitive. In fact, I rarely need to give instructions before my students are using the app like pros. 

Theory is suddenly much more fun. Even if they have a theory book, I will bring the same page up on the screen and we will either do it simultaneously (it helps them with their note writing to be able to copy me) or they can write on the screen (Colour! We’re only allowed to use pencil in our theory books). May is composition month and it’s been great to create music interactively. 

The ability to save files to students’ rooms differentiates Musicology from other platforms with the ability to share files, like Skype or Zoom. Being able to prep for the lesson ahead of time is invaluable. 

Obviously, the audio in Musicology far exceeds that of Zoom or Skype. FaceTime comes close, but even then the ability to talk or play at the same time is lacking. It seems unable to transfer sound simultaneously (insert proper technological terms here), and one side is always cut off for a moment. Musicology is truly like being in the same room. 

What sets Musicology aside from other video platforms are the interactive piano keyboard, built in metronome (much more effective now that the sound is being pushed from the students side) and of course the emojis!!! I will have an easier time selling my students on continuing online now that we’re using a platform that was clearly designed for music lessons specifically.  

One more interesting comparison to FaceTime: Obviously any platform will work better with a wired connection–I have my iPad Pro connected through an adapter to Ethernet, which gives me faster upload and download speeds. FaceTime will ONLY work on wifi! 

I know [the Musicology team] advertise Musicology as being simple and not requiring any additional wires etc. but I still prefer using Ethernet and wired headphones with an attached mic. Maybe it’s because I’m still on a 1st gen iPad Pro.

– Leanne

2 Responses

  1. Is iOS 14 a requirement to use Musicology?
    Can I get my own room ID? (eliminate the need to send invitations before lessons)
    Does Musicology offer a function similar to Break Out rooms?
    Can I use my extra webcam for multiple camera angles and overhead keyboard view?

    1. Hi Susan! To answer your questions:

      1. Apple is slowly phasing out their old system and so we have future-proofed our app. iOS 14 is a minimum requirement. We are also available on the Chrome browser for any device as a web app.

      2. You have a private teacher code and then design a private room for each of your students. All they need is their room code to connect with you for your lesson and that code never changes.

      3. We do not have group rooms built in yet but it is a feature in the future.

      4. Yes! The web app on Chrome allows for mulit-cameras with a handy little camera switch button to rotate through views. Also compatible with OBS.

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