Hi all! This week’s blog will be short and sweet. 

It’s been a year since the pandemic began. Since then, the small events that should have been easy and fun but have instead challenged us to think outside the box. Some have been easy and some have been difficult, but all in all, we have had to learn to think outside the box. That’s what Musicology is all about. 

This week is a very special week because we celebrate the launch of Musicology on Thursday. What’s more, we celebrate the incredible people who spent a year designing something that will enable teachers to teach to the best of their abilities and, perhaps, give them back something dearly missed this past year: job security.

There are six seasoned developers who have worked around the clock for an entire year to bring an idea to life. To these developers, namely the creative geniuses at Arcane Four Studios in Ottawa, Jonathan Hacker, Deric Panet-Raymond, Graeme Blondon, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the soul of this operation and we’ll never forget your dedication and hard work. You’ve done something amazing here. You took an idea, a vision, and you made it a reality. Thank you. I knew when I was first introduced to you all a year ago, and I found out you were all musicians at some level, that you were right for this project. You proved me right in every way. You created something effective and even beautiful. 

I had the pleasure of going to Ottawa this last weekend to have a small and socially distanced celebration with three of the lead developers at Arcane Four. It was incredibly nice to see them in person and several investors and other members of our creative team also called in to give their congratulations. That was unforgettable. When Deric took the team through the app, many were seeing it for the first time. I was incredibly proud at that moment. Thank you again for that. 

I’d also like to thank the music teachers who, from day one, sent us their comments and recommendations for the app. This app is about teachers, and with their help we not only created an awesome app, but we created the beginnings of a new community. Please continue to send us all your comments and criticisms. We will never stop listening to you. 

It’s a little emotional writing this, I won’t deny that. I never expected any of this to happen. I had an idea a year ago, an idea that I thought might help people. Since then, there have been many long days and many long hours spent trying to bring this to life. Every minute of it has been worth it. No matter what happens from now on, it’s all been worth it. 

A last word of thanks to the other women entrepreneurs who helped me along the way. Did you know that there is an amazing organization in Canada who puts experienced women entrepreneurs in touch with new ones? The eye-opening talks with these amazing women have been invaluable to me. There were many sleepless nights along this journey when I was completely terrified, completely unsure of what I was doing. It was these women with their terrifying confidence, their stubborness; their sanguine, optimistic, take-no-prisoners, trust-in-yourself, don’t-listen-to-the-haters speeches that got me through it. I will never forget those affirming words of encouragement and when, someday, it’s my turn to mentor a young lady who has a dream she wants to bring to life, I will not take that responsibility lightly. I will remember those many late night talks, and I will choose my words carefully, so that another dream might be born, and shine into the world. 

Most sincerely,

Rebecca Featherstone
CEO and Founder of Musicology

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