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Most of you have your online teaching space already configured but it’s always good to see what other teachers’ spaces look like for inspiration! Below are my must haves for your online music studio. I would love to hear what you enjoy using for your online studio! Of course, Musicology is of top priority but here is a little list of some other goodies.

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Basics of online teaching must haves

Piano – this could be anything from digital to acoustic!

Monitor – laptop, desktop or iPad – whatever you feel comfortable with! If you’re having trouble deciding when to upgrade your device, check out this blog!

Chair – a good support chair, gamers chairs are excellent

keyboard mouse

Fun extras for online teaching!

  • Microphone
  • Goose neck multi camera for overhead piano view
  • Speakers
  • Ring light
  • Curved Monitor


multi camera

Multi Camera



Ring Lights

Ring Lights

Curved Monitor

Curved Monitor

Turn your studio around! Here are some helpful tips to turn your studio from the left image into the right image!

Example 1
Example 2

Organizational Items

  • When creating your teaching space, cable management is needed to keep from falls or just to make the space beautiful. Here is a link to some cable management products on Amazon.
  • Get clear organizing bins to create less clutter.
  • Balance black and white to make the room look more spacious and dust free.
  • Get some rainbow gaming lights for a futuristic and mellow background look.
  • Use a plastic office mat under your rolling chair if you are on carpet.
  • Scan your music books onto ForScore so minimize book clutter.
  • Place your computer in front of a window so the natural light shins on your face and not from behind.
  • Get some plants!

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