How To Use The Teacher Portal

May 19 2022 Blog Feature

Your complete guide on how to use the teacher portal!

  • Building student rooms
  • Managing your account
  • Downloading invoices
  • Changing information for credit card payments
  • How to cancel at any time


What is it?
A place to manage your students rooms, files and account management.

Where to find it?
When visiting our website, you’ll see a “log in” button located at the top right corner of the screen in blue. OR visit https://portal.musicology.ca

What does it do?
The teacher portal includes many features like the ability to add or edit student rooms and manage your account. Stored credit card information is easily accessible and there is an easy to find cancellation button.

How to use the Teacher Portal to register for Musicology

Building Student Rooms

When successfully logged onto the teacher portal, a new screen appears. Located at the top left of the screen, look for “rooms”. Click on this button to bring you to a new menu. From here, you’re able to add new rooms by naming the room, creating a log in code, and the students name for optimal organization. When rooms have been added, they’ll appear at the bottom of the screen. You’re able to click on the individual rooms and edit the room name or code, as well as upload files to be used in the white board feature. At the bottom of the screen, a large red button is there for deleting that specific room. Here is a detailed video on student rooms below.

Managing Your Account

When on the home screen of the teacher portal, there are two blue buttons in the middle of the screen. One is titled “cancel account or manage payment card”. Click here, this will bring you to a new page displaying your current plan, your payment method, billing information and finally, invoice history.

Edit Payment Information
The second tab from the top, “payment method” is where you’re able to make adjustments to your payment information. You are able to add a method of payment as well as delete one.

Downloading Invoices
Scroll to the bottom for “invoice history”. Here you’ll be able to click on the date you wish to see you’ll be taken the a new page where you can select to download the invoice for the payment or download a receipt.

At the very top of this page, it displays your current plan. Here there is a bolded button labeled “Cancel Plan”. Clicking here will bring you to a new page to confirm your choice and display the plan, as show below.

Musicology Introductory Offer

Upgrade to yearly to save 10%

Change your Musicology subscription, if you’re a Monthly subscriber you can switch to yearly to save, or if you’d prefer to switch to monthly billing you can do that as well.

Located on the main home page of the teacher portal on the middle of the page, the button below “cancel account or manage payment card”. You’ll see the update your musicology subscription right below. Click on that to change your plan.

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