How to Teach Awesomesauce Voice Lessons on Musicology!

Feb 14 2022 blog feature

Do you want to teach AWESOMESAUCE voice lessons online?

Joslin and I had an amazing time chatting about how she teaches voice online on Musicology and what a game changer it’s been for her. She’s been with us for nearly a year now!

Here’s a transcript of what we talked about. You can watch the video recording below on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates and helpful tutorials! We release one every week!

Q. How long have you been teaching voice for? What style of voice teaching do you cater to and age range?
A. I have been teaching voice since 2007 and I primarily teach classical and musical theatre music. My clients range in age from kids and teens to aspiring professional college bound singers and avocational adults.

Q. Have you been teaching voice online prior to the pandemic or is this a new venture for you?
A. Prior to the pandemic, no. But when it hit, I immediately pivoted online and have been online exclusively ever since March 2020.

Q. What do you love about teaching voice on Musicology? I’d love to hear ways you make lessons fun and engaging with your students online!
A. I LOVE Musicology first and foremost for both the quality of the sound, and most importantly for voice, the fact that I can hear my singers throughout their range without ANY clipping or cutting out at the extremities of their range WITHOUT the need for peripherals like mics. On other platforms, like Zoom, you have to fiddle incessantly with the audio settings and my pro level opera singers/MT belters would be super difficult for me to hear their high notes, as the audio just could not handle it. Also, being able to finally play along with students was a huge deal…I really miss the immediacy of that when you’re able to be in person – it’s one of the only things I truly miss about being in person! Of course, the emojis are a huge hit with the kids, especially, and the grand staff is great when I want to show them things on the keyboard/staff!

Q. What struggles have you had with technology prior to Musicology?
A. The above mentioned clipping issue was a BIG one. Also, the latency has made all kinds of things difficult, but especially the inability to play along in anything even remotely approaching real time. Because the voice is an unaccompanied instrument, when pitch or intonation is an issue – or when we’re learning new songs – I would usually jump in and play their line. This led to a bunch of workarounds with tracks and things, but sometimes I’d just want to play with them in a hard spot, or give them a bit of an anchor, and it disrupts everything when there’s lag. UGH LAG!

Q. How easy was it for your students to adapt to online lessons with Musicology?
A. Shifting everyone over from Zoom was a breeze. The custom code log-in makes everything so easy and the kids really can get themselves set up so well!

Q. Tell us about your new book!!
A. My new digital download was written specifically for voice teachers wanting a resource for working on ear training and musicianship with singers. It was designed with the 2019 RCM practical voice exam syllabus in mind. There are 10 levels, and each level includes all the necessary/required skills [clapbacks, chord/chord progression ID/singbacks/intervals, as well as links to awesome sight singing resources and interval song clues]! There are multiple pages per skill, per level, with many many unique examples written out so that the teacher can confidently drill and check their students skills for practical exams, auditions, and for general development. This takes all the guess work out of inventing examples on the fly, and I hope will help teachers incorporate ear training into their lessons!

Watch the replay HERE!

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