How to build student rooms

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What is a student room and how do you use them?

Musicology has a unique feature that keeps information private for each individual student – Student Rooms.

You may have become used to sending links to families to connect with you but we have a better way that is more tailored to teaching online!

On Musicology, each student or family can have their own private room. This is built and managed in the teacher portal. All files uploaded to the students room are secure and viewable on the whiteboard only when logged into that particular room. In addition, each student or family (however you decide to build your room) will receive a unique login code designed by you, their teacher, that never changes.

Pro Tip! Do not try to connect more than 10 mins before your scheduled lesson time. The connection will time out and you will need to end the call and connect again.


1. Log into the teacher portal at https://portal.musicology.ca
2. Click on the ‘Rooms’ tab at the top left of the screen
3. Fill in the blanks

Tip: Keep the Room Code simple! Some teachers like to use the first and last initial of their name plus their student. Codes are case sensitive.


Managing Student Files in the Teacher Portal for Whiteboard
1. Click on the students room in the teacher portal
2. Upload directly from your computer or drag over
3. Files may be deleted here as well – use the delete button listed beside each file

We hope this helps to explain what Student Rooms are on Musicology! As always, feel free to respond to this email and ask any questions or to book a demo!

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Building a Student Room

Fill in the blanks however you like!

Upload a File

Store music scores or theory in the students room by clicking on their room in the teacher portal.

Student Rooms on Web App

Click the green people icon and click on the name of the student you want to call.

Waiting Room

After you click on the student you want to call, this messaging will appear so you can be sure you clicked on the correct room!

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    1. Hi Aegean! Try doing a Google Search with the type of device you use. If a website uses https:// then it is encrypted as opposed to www. Just be wary of unusual emails and don’t click on links that your gut tell you are wrong! You can also backup your data on the cloud or an external hard drive. Good luck!

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