You’ve possibly heard us talking lately about our full duplex audio, but what does that mean?

Teachers around the world have gotten used to teaching on platforms not designed for teaching music online. They’ve used Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meets, etc. They’ve even tried platforms supposedly built for music and been disappointed with the results because these platforms lack the needed tools for online lessons. So far, they’ve been left with two options: keep teaching on platforms built for business meetings and rig them up with expensive equipment hoping it will make a difference (but the quality is only slightly better), or sign up to a platform built for music but that doesn’t have any of the tools they need to teach effectively.

The fact of the matter is, the other music platforms will never fully encompass everything a teacher wants and needs because features like collaborative whiteboards, playable virtual pianos, drag and drop grand staffs, (all designed to differentiate instrumental frequencies from voice) takes months and months to build by a team of dedicated, professional developers. Musicology is currently the only platform on the market with these much needed tools.

You’ve been promised greatness from these platforms only to be disappointed and Musicology is here to fix all that. Our iPad build is currently ready for download on the App Store, while our browser version is currently being built. We also have plans in the works for peer-to-peer rooms PLUS group rooms, screen sharing (including your iPad), multiple cameras in addition to all of the interactive and collaborative tools. It’s currently available on iOS and soon will be available on all devices – with a few new surprise features that we’re sure you will love. We are building all of the tools teachers use to teach online into one amazing platform, eliminating the need to purchase multiple applications.

Here’s what Full Duplex Audio means on Musicology:

You know how when you’re on a Zoom or Google Meet call and there is a sudden, loud noise, the sound cuts out for a second? This is no good for music lessons, duets etc., and this is exactly the problem we set out to solve with Musicology’s audio system.

Take a look at this duet I did with Madi Trupp, a local Toronto singer and teacher. This is what full duplex audio allows you to do and it’s all built in to Musicology without the need for any extra equipment. Normally, we would wear some headphones to play a duet to hear each other better but for the purposes of this video, we left them off and still, there was almost no noticeable latency.

Technically, Musicology is a full-duplex, peer-to-peer, WebRTC-based platform with minimal audio processing. This minimal audio processing allows us to minimize additional latency and prevents the student and teacher audio from interfering with one another. This is comparable to “layered sound” which means you can sing, clap and play at the same time with minimal interruption, and duets are possible because of the peer-to-peer connection.

Coming soon: a comparison chart from our focus group users and all the platforms they have used. Sign up today at portal.musicology.ca and try full duplex audio for yourself!

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  1. I am exploring this app. I’m watching the demo – the sound seems synced, but the visual mouth movements do not match the vocal sound. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

    1. Hi Marilyn! The audio is coming from my side (Rebecca) and we used Madi’s side for video clips so it’s possibly not synced perfectly by our video editor 🙂 More of a demonstration view from her side – she has a very powerful voice!

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