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If you’re like me, you were forced rather abruptly into online teaching a year ago–kudos to those that were ahead of the curve! That was a tough time for many, as I’m sure you recall.

At that time, we didn’t have music specific platforms with features that were built with music teachers in mind. We joined Facebook groups and read articles about technology. We upgraded our outdated devices. We ordered several different microphones, headphones, stands, booms and ring lights hoping to achieve better sound quality that resembled what we had with in person lessons.

It was like we were chained to our pianos, surrounded in wires, adaptors and plugs. We upgraded our internet package and ordered extra long ethernet cables or wifi extenders. We did everything we could and then some! Then, we logged on to Zoom, enabled original sound, and waited for our student. If the student arrived and had not upgraded their Zoom account then forget about high fidelity music mode. Sigh. Disappointment! We tried our best but it just wasn’t working

What if I told you that you don’t actually need all of this equipment? What if you just had your device and a pair of headphones and you didn’t NEED to go into settings and change everything?


I have designed Musicology with all of this in mind. Sure, headphones are ideal for the ultimate experience, but not entirely necessary. There are a number of troubleshooting points we are working on with the developers to put out on our FAQ page that will help you and your students if you are struggling with the Internet.

Our app is a peer-to-peer connection and what that means is that you will have a much better experience with latency than traditional video conferencing platforms since they go through a server. Our sound has been engineered to meet the frequencies needed for instruments. You can speak while your student plays and even clap too and the audio won’t cut out. If you or your student do not have a good Internet connection there are aso things you can do to mitigate this.

Even if your home setup/connection is not ideal, we plan to provide you with the best information and knowledge available to help you find a solution if you are experiencing any issues. So take out your iPad or MacBook and just teach!

Here are some helpful ideas on how to make some fun use of some of our features!

  1. The metronome: start the metronome on the home page and go to the whiteboard to upload a rhythm worksheet or piece of music that you have saved to your student’s room previously. Clap away!
  2. File Upload: Screenshot or take a photo of any music or worksheet and upload it to your student’s room to be able to annotate it directly in the call.
  3. Flip Screen: Simply hold your iPad or put it in a gooseneck stand over your piano keys to show an example to your student. I like this especially when teaching technique to very visual learners.
  4. Whiteboard Grand Staff Stamp: Click the music note in the whiteboard to have a stamp of the grand staff and keyboard show up on the screen to annotate on.
  5. Virtual Piano Keyboard: Want to play beginner duets with students? You can play the duet on the virtual keyboard while your student plays their piano.
  6. Web Browser: Access your favourite teaching resource websites here or screenshot a page and save to your student’s room to annotate together. OR show them a YouTube clip!
  7. Remote Video View: Pinch the video of your student to enlarge it on any screen!
  8. Lock: You can prevent students from accessing features with the push of a button.
  9. Emojis: Large animated emojis that pop up on any screen for instant reward.
  10. Grand Staff Drag and Drop: Reinforce the concepts of a new song by dragging notes on a staff together. Then play it on the virtual keyboard!

Remember: We are keeping a list of requests from our subscribers so if you see something you would like built in, let us know and if it’s a common request we will add it in coming versions as soon as possible.

Take care friends! It won’t be long now. Launch is right around the corner!

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  1. Hi, It sounds ideal! I would be interested to try it out. Could you let me know what will be the cost of a subscription, please?

    1. Hi Lubov! We have a 30 day free trial and are currently offering an early access subscription discount of $19.99usd per month for unlimited use.

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