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Say hello to Graeme! Graeme is one of the tech wizards from Arcane Four Studios who is making Musicology a reality.

Hello from Ontario!

Almost overnight the weather has changed here dramatically and, with the colder temperatures, I think that helped really get things into motion on the development side of things. Since the last update about emojis, the developers have been working hard on a number of collaborative features: the white board and pdf upload. What does this mean? I’ll get into that detail below, but first I wanted to mention just how overwhelming the response has been to what we are building! We have people emailing us from Canada, US, Australia and all over the world. I am so thrilled to answer each and every one of these messages. I’m really feeling connected to the world right now despite being in the middle of a global pandemic. It’s really amazing to be able to help so many teachers out there jump into this new era of technology. We are witnessing a HUGE leap in the way we do things and to be a part of that is absolutely inspiring!

The Whiteboard – it’s a basic white board in shape, something you may have become familiar with from other platforms, but Musicology is offering a level up in the whiteboard experience. Not only do we have features like a great colour palette with different pen stroke sizes and ruler (draw up your grand staves!) but EVERYTHING is collaborative. What that means is that both you AND your student can draw on the board at the same time. This feature is unlocked by the teacher.

The File Upload – Working in conjunction with the whiteboard, teacher or student can upload an image based file and work on it together! Upload your theory worksheet or game, write a song on some staff paper, then watch your student answer questions on a worksheet and correct or mark on your end. The possibilities are endless! Our developers had some fun with this tool and uploaded a photo of one of them while the other drew a beard and devil horns – make sure not to give your student your photo, haha!

Next, we are entering a testing period for these online features. I’m excited and ready to test this part of the program out with the developers from Toronto to Ottawa – isn’t is amazing we can work so far away?! The developers are also very innovative and creative. Just the other day Deric mentioned that Musicology is always in ‘music mode’ but it can easily be switched to ‘conversation mode’ if you want to have a music history lesson or maybe a full theory lesson, working with the collaborative whiteboard. This will give the best of both worlds for whatever need you have in your lesson. The best thing is that you don’t have to go into the “settings” and make complicated adjustments with buttons that you have no idea what they mean! In Musicology, you will be able to use a slider to simply scroll on over to whatever mode you want to use. Easy peasy!

Please keep sending me messages with your desires and suggestions. I promise to respond personally to each and every one. Like our Facebook page and share our story! We just finished finalizing our admin and creative team so stay tuned for some amazing things on Instagram and YouTube!

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