Feeling the Love & Music!

Hands forming the shape of a heart with sun

Things are really starting to come together now and I’m seeing progress and excitement everywhere I turn. We’ve gotten our admin team working and organized on social media creating our brand and setting up Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. Big thanks to Madi and Ann, two piano and voice teachers with a knack for advertising and organization! When you reach out to a team member at Musicology, you will ALWAYS get a musician on the other end. It’s important to us that we hire people in the industry who we know can answer your questions with great detail, love and support. We will never outsource our jobs! After all, us musicians have to stick together!

The developers have been working hard as usual to clean up a few things on the collaborative white board and file upload. Just to remind you, Musicology will offer a feature where you can upload any image and have the student annotate it with you at the same time! Wooh!! Testing is headed our way for the features that have been coded and completed but first registration has to be done for the App Store. In case you didn’t know, it’s quite difficult to get an app registered. But it’s done now and I’m very excited to share some videos soon testing out what we have so far. Next step – The Grand Staff!

I have been very overwhelmed with love and support from so many people around the world. I’ve emailed with people in Texas and Australia, messaged with people in Russia and right here in Canada, had fellow musicians reach our from our neighbours in the United States. Everyone has had nothing but great things to say to us and the excitement is spreading. It’s so heartwarming to be united with so many fellow music teachers. Feeling the love all!

In addition, I wanted to give a BIG shoutout to Business Development Canada (BDC). They have really gone above and beyond to help us launch this application. In addition to investor funding, the BDC has been working tirelessly on our application to be sure we are approved for everything we need to make this app happen AND they have a great consultation service to help us along the way with our new business venture and ensuring positive growth for us. Mallory at the BDC has really put in a great effort and we are so grateful to have an organization like this who help small businesses reach their full potential. Thank you BDC and Government of Canada!

Stay tuned friends and talk soon!

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