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About the history of CC and how they have been around longer than the RCM and were formally known as the Western Conservatory of Music. They hold a weekly webinar at noon on Fridays and on October 21st will feature Musicology!

Visit their YouTube channel HERE for a live streamed presentation on Musicology Friday October 21st at 12noon or sign up HERE to register for the webinar.

Conservatory Canada

Conservatory Canada is one of the most forward thinking music establishments that we know and have been holding their branded eExams for many years. Musicology is delighted to partner with Conservatory Canada for the use of our platform to support very important audio requirements during the exam process.

eExams take advantage of technology to provide the ultimate in piano exam flexibility!

  • Schedule your exam with only 2 weeks notice, any time of the year, when you are ready
  • Most eExam centres are located in familiar surroundings for the student, such as a teacher’s studio
  • We supply the software and support to easily set up an eExam centre for you
  • Avoid long drives to the nearest centre for remote locations
  • Students love to interact using technology, without the intimidation of having the Examiner directly in the room
Conservatory Canada Digital Badge

Digital Badges

A fun new way for students to engage in the assessment process. Students can submit three repertoire pieces from their grade and receive feedback plus a digital badge of bronze, silver, gold. If they would like to complete the exam again after working on some of the feedback comments received, they can! This is a groundbreaking way of working with the modern child on exams and the importance of working towards a goal. Conservatory Canada has our support!

“We have launched a new assessment program that is perfect for students wanting to realize a performance goal at their current playing level, but are not able to commit to a full certificate exam. Rather than working for months to perfect repertoire and skills to perform all at once for a live examiner, Digital Badges provide students with a realistic alternative by allowing them to prepare pre-recorded performances to be evaluated and assessed. Badges are a fun way to keep students practicing and learning during busy times, or to fill a gap between levels when there isn’t time to work toward a full exam.”

Notes on a page

Conservatory Canada books provide students with everything they need in one book and free weekly webinars for teacher support hosted by the Executive Director himself. One can get a sneak peek into the positive format of their eExams and hear how examiners communicate with students in a positive and nurturing environment. Please refer to the website for the complete Syllabi.

Musicology proudly supports Conservatory Canada’s eExams and looks forward to many more happy audio experiences from students and teachers musically in the future! Use promo code CC22 for a two month free trial!

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