Lynne’s Testimonial

Lynne's testimonial

I am using 3 platforms at the moment. Zoom, Rock Out Loud Live, and Musicology. I have converted ALL students with compatible Apple products to Musicology. The others are either using Zoom or ROLL. Zoom since January 2020 and still use it for some students, like my preschoolers, since I can easily share videos, […]

Madi’s Testimonial

Madi's testimonial

I have been a part of Musicology pretty much from the beginning. I was one of the alpha testers and also part of the original group of teachers who did brainstorming for features we would like to see. Musicology has really made a big difference in how I teach. It has helped me really capture […]

Tom’s Testimonial

Tom's Testimonial

I am no stranger to teaching online.  My journey into online teaching began in 2011, when I started taking lessons with a voice teacher.  At that time, the only viable option was Skype!  Since then, I have tried almost every application, most of which needed to be tweaked to make it work for online lessons.  […]

Leanne’s Testimonial

Leanne's Testimonial

My only experience so far is with Skype, Zoom and FaceTime–I’ve done calls with friends on Google Meet but that was truly horrible. Having a whiteboard in Zoom is part of what makes this platform attractive. Musicology has taken this to the next level however with the interactive built in staff and keyboard. Also, the […]

Aaron’s Testimonial

Aaron's Testimonial

Like many, I began teaching 100% online via Zoom in 2020. As my piano studio grew, small things began to gnaw at my energy and lesson time: for instance, reminding my students at every lesson to enable original sound or coaching five year olds how to find the whiteboard tools. I resorted more and more […]