Tech Tip for Screen Share – Draw on Web

Nov7 2022 feature - Draw on Web

Do you love annotating while screen sharing? If you are a teacher that prefers to use screen share instead of the whiteboard but you’re missing drawing on it, here is the solution! Head on over to THIS LINK and download the Google Chrome extension for Page Market – Draw on Web. It’s super easy to […]

Whiteboard Icons 101

Whiteboard Icons 101

What do the Whiteboard Icons on the far right do? Musicology is icon based so that it is easy for everyone to understand without the need for other languages and accessible for those that do not read. Therefore, all features are icon based. Read what they do below and watch this short tutorial video with […]

Conservatory Canada & Musicology

Oct 17 2022 Feature Image

About the history of CC and how they have been around longer than the RCM and were formally known as the Western Conservatory of Music. They hold a weekly webinar at noon on Fridays and on October 21st will feature Musicology! Visit their YouTube channel HERE for a live streamed presentation on Musicology Friday October […]

All About Camera Icons on Musicology

blog feature

Navigating so many buttons and features can be confusing, in this blog, we will break down and describe all the camera icons with visuals and a fun video! Toggle Video Options This button opens up more buttons for video settings! Swap Local and Remote Video This button switches the large camera image between yourself and […]

Help Musicology Celebrate 7th Annual Kids Music Day

Musicology Kids Music Day feature

Kids Music Week: Sept 30th – Oct 15thKids Music Day: Friday, October 7th, 2022 About Musicology and Keep Music Alive invite you to help us celebrate the 7th Annual Kids Music Day this October. Over 1,000 music schools, music stores and organizations in all 50 States, Canada and a dozen other countries will participate with […]

All About WIFI Blockage

WIFI blockage 1

WIFI Blockage Building Materials, Reflective Surfaces, Networks, Household Items The worst WiFi signal blockers are building materials, but they are not the only ones. Physical items, water, even other networks can interfere with signal transmission. MetalBecause it conducts electricity, metal is the toughest substance to penetrate. What connection exists between WiFi and electricity? Since radio […]

Musicology Start-Up Guide

Aug 30 2022 Feature

First time using Musicology? In this blog learn everything you need to know to start your trial off with confidence and get your students ready for a new platform! Congratulations on taking the first step towards online freedom! In this blog you will learn step by step how to become familiar with Musicology so you […]

Inside an Online Studio

Blog feature image

Most of you have your online teaching space already configured but it’s always good to see what other teachers’ spaces look like for inspiration! Below are my must haves for your online music studio. I would love to hear what you enjoy using for your online studio! Of course, Musicology is of top priority but […]

Back to School with Musicology

Aug 15 2022 Feature

Getting ready for back to school with Musicology Summer break for music teachers often means some extra downtime and this creates an ideal opportunity for reflection, creativity, and testing out new ways of doing things. Our expert team of musicians, business specialists, teachers and creatives have put together a list of inspiring ideas that can […]

Gator x Musicology

Gator X Musicology feature image

Contest time! We’ve gotten pretty good at teaching music online and year 2022-2023 is going to be all about building your studio with the right equipment for the job! You don’t have to be fancy and spend a lot of money and in this blog we have included a few must have items that we […]