Attention Guitar & Ukulele Teachers!

Attention Guitar Ukulele Teachers

Attention Guitar & Ukulele Teachers!

Historically, there have been very few (if any) apps that truly help children learn the guitar or ukulele, let alone on a video conference app. I’m pleased to inform you that Musicology has some amazing guitar features that are accessible from both sides of the screen.

First off, we have the Guitar Fretboard feature screen which is totally interactive. There is a fretboard at the bottom of the screen, a musical palette in the middle, blank TAB above the palette and a blank treble clef staff at the top. Within the musical palette there are notes, numbers for TAB and coloured numbers to slide onto the fretboard. What’s even better is that both teacher and student can move these musical annotations around on the screen together, making it a totally interactive experience. We are planning to make the fretboard playable in the near future – the developers say it’s definitely possible. We are also planning to add violin options. Are there any violin teachers reading this?

(Important note: There is a remote video screen on the page that can be resized with a pinch of the fingers!)

Ukulele teachers: On the guitar fretboard feature you will see a little picture of a ukulele. Simply press that and the screen switches over so you can demonstrate ukulele chord voicings.

In addition to these great features we also have a chord library of 2500 guitar and ukulele chords that is controlled by the teacher and viewable to the student. You can of course see the remote video while on this screen as well so you can see your student’s reaction. This isn’t just for little kids either, there are some very advanced voicings in this database for musicians of all levels.

And now for a grand announcement: The Guitar Tuner is totally interactive. Simply pop open the screen, tell your student to select the peg they want to tune (you can still see their video) then tune away! The teacher can view the pegs turning green as the student adjusts and brings them to pitch. They will know if it needs to be tightened or loosened as the slider moves from sharp to flat. (Great way to slip some theory in there!) The teacher can also demonstrate tuning their guitar as well.

Update to our testers: the teacher portal is nearing completion and once that is done we will enter beta testing. Then we launch! It’s getting very close now and we are very excited. Please help us spread the word by sharing our website on your social media pages for your friends. We will have some promo codes for our subscribers at launch time.

Take care and see you soon!


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