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July 11 2022 Feature

Let’s break down the website together so navigation is as easy as possible! We will go over all the menu pages in depth.

Plans and Prices

Introductory Offer – Monthly. $19.99

  • Unlimited Hours
  • All Features Included
  • Professional Support

Yearly Offer
– Yearly. $216.00

  • SAVE 28% ($84)!
  • Unlimited Hours
  • All Features Included
  • Professional Support

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Features Graphic


Check out our blog from last month for a detailed post all about the features here.

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Feature Testimonials


We have a whole page dedicated to our testimonials because we love our teachers! Here you’ll find many resources from other teachers such as videos, comparison of other platforms and of course, a very thorough review on our app!

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Feature Blogs


In this space you’ll find all the blogs we’ve ever published! from tech tips, to cross promotions, and general topics! Check it out to get to know us and the platform better!

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Feature About


In this section you can learn all about our wonderful CEO, Rebecca and how this app came to be! As well as a page showcasing all the press we’ve received since launching the app.

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Feature FAQs


What browser is best for Musicology?
Please use Chrome right now until we have configured Safari and other browsers.

Can I be on my iPad while my student is on their laptop?
Absolutely! The web app will communicate with the iOS app seamlessly.

What do I need to send to my students to connect with them?
If they are using an iPad, tell your student to download the app from the App Store (search for Musicology Online). To use the Web App on Chrome, ask your student to go directly to app.musicology.ca On both platforms they press ‘I’m a Student’, and enter their code at the time of the lesson. The code never changes.

How do I register?
Here is a video walk-through of the teacher portal (https://portal.musicology.ca) This is where you will build your student rooms and manage your students files in their rooms. It’s so easy!

Do my students and I need to wear headphones?
No. Our developers have developed a unique audio code that has the best audio of any platform out there. Yes, it’s THAT good!

If you are experiencing audio or video problems please be sure to check all of these boxes.

  1. Make sure other video conferencing programs are not running in the background like Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime. Please ‘Quit’ those programs. Other platform will hold onto microphone priority over Chrome.
  2. Restart your computer. This will clear old cached data.
  3. Every day start with a fresh Chrome browser – Quit Chrome from the top left-hand corner of the screen by selecting Chrome and then Quit Chrome from the drop-down menu.
  4. Be sure you Allow Chrome to use Microphone when you get the popup when logging on.
  5. Check System Preferences – Security & Privacy – Microphone – then allow Chrome access and restart computer (Apple users)
  6. On Musicology, Click the Gear icon and make sure your Audio Input source is selected for the one you want to use.

How do I upload a file on the web app?

Go to portal.musicology.ca and click on your students room. Upload a file or drag it over. During a lesson you may drag a file over directly to the whiteboard.

How do I hook up my cameras and MIDI keyboard?
Just plug them right in. Musicology will recognize anything your computer’s operating system recognizes. Make sure you have everything plugged in and turned on BEFORE you place a call on Musicology.

Can I have more than one person on a call?
Musicology is currently configured for one-on-one lessons for that great full-duplex audio with layered sound so that you can sing, clap and play at the same time with no audio cuts.

Can I teach drums, violin or flute on Musicology without the audio cutting out?
Absolutely! Our fantastic audio has been optimized to pick up the frequencies specific to music.

Do I need to use a microphone with Musicology?
No. There is no need to bandage audio connections with equipment—that’s what Musicology is built for! However, you are quite welcome to use one. Opera singers, for example, may want to consider using one for gain control etc., but mics are definitely not needed for standard lessons.

What platforms is the app available on?
Musicology is available as a downloadable app from the App Store (Musicology Online) for iOS or as a web app using the Chrome web browser (https://app.musicology.ca)

On what devices can I use Musicology?
iPad and iPhone users should use the downloadable app found on the App Store (Musicology Online). All other devices (including Android) should use a Chrome web browser. Please note that certain Android phones may not configure for the web app.

Do you have group capability?
This is currently on the roadmap for the next big release.

Why are you more expensive than other recently created music platforms?
Musicology isn’t like any other app. This has never been done before. If we’re slightly more than another app you’ve seen, it’s because we’ve spared no expense to bring you only the best custom features, designed by a team of brilliant developers. Also remember that we don’t sell any advertising on the app or collect data and sell to third parties, as many others do to cut costs. That’s not what we’re about, at all, and we never will be. We are COPPA compliant and we don’t store any information about our users. We also use our call line provider, Twilio, because this is a closed-source platform and completely secure, with exceptional support so we don’t have blackouts. We have a giant team at Musicology who make sure it is the absolute best product on the market. We are here to serve YOU and your students!

Can I share an iPad on the Web App?
Yes! Share your entire screen and follow these directions:
Apple users: Open QuickTime, select ‘new movie recording’, from the drop down menu beside the record button select your iPad. Make sure it’s plugged into your computer!
Windows users: Download LonelyScreen (https://www.lonelyscreen.com/) and broadcast your iPad via AirPlay.

Do you have multiple cameras?
Yes! The Web App has multi-camera capabilities that can also be viewed to iPad users. There is also a handy little camera switch button so that you can rotate between different views flawlessly. Compatible with OBS, ManyCam and ECamm.

How do my students get on Musicology? Do they need to pay?
Musicology is completely free for all your students. Have them download Musicology Online from the App Store if they are using an iPad or iPhone. For any other device head on over to https://app.musicology.ca using the Chrome web browser. Student rooms are created by the teacher in the teacher portal (https://portal.musicology.ca/).
Send students the room code you created.
From there, student’s just open the app each week for their lesson and enter their code. The code never changes.

How do I log out of the iOS app?
Apple requires us to use their gestures. Depending on what kind of iPad you are using, either press the home button twice to minimize the app and then push it off the screen OR grab the app from the bottom to minimize and push it off the screen. The student’s side has a sign out button.

How do I register as a Teacher?

Step #1 – Register

  • Go to https://portal.musicology.ca/
  • Create account or Sign In with Apple.
  • Select teacher and fill in the blanks.
  • Agree to terms.
  • You will be directed to a payment page.
  • You will receive a code that is used when you are using the iPad app. For the web app please sign in with the same authentication credentials you used to register.

Step #2
– Download App

Step #3
– Create a student room

  • Sign into the teacher portal.
  • Click the Rooms tab.
  • Fill in the blanks to create your room.
  • You will not be able to duplicate the same room name or code.
  • Send this code to your student and have them follow the steps to download the app from the App Store.

How do I register as a Student?

Download Musicology from the App Store if using an iPad or iPhone. If using any other device head on over to https://app.musicology.ca using the Chrome web browser.

  • Enter the code you received from your teacher.
  • Didn’t receive a code? Contact your teacher for details.

Happy to help.

To contact us, email info@musicology.ca
To learn about all of the features of the Musicology app, download the Icon Reference Guide here.

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