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April 19 2022 Blog Feature

A unique feature to Musicology alone!

Helping children learn keyboard geography can be frustrating on traditional video conference platforms leaving the teacher to spend extra time when they’re not teaching to come up with creative ways to reinforce learning the names of the piano keyboard.

Imagine having the ability for you AND your student to play an on screen keyboard TOGETHER and see the keys highlighted on both?! This is what Musicology can do! No. more numerous theory games and worksheets, no more guessing by ear if they are playing the right key on their instrument. See it for yourself right on the screen and make a game out of it!

Kids love the Grand Staff feature and being able to participate in this great pedagogical approach to learning through technology.

In addition, press the “flying eighth note” on the grey bar in the middle of the screen and see a wheel of colours pop up. This is the Notes Menu (or I like to call it the Colour Pop Palette!). Each circle has a menu of musical notation symbols that you and your student can select together to build melodies, teach chord structure, intervals, steps and skips on the staff or line up a bunch of notes and have them copy the music to their new song on the screen to reinforce reading! Some teachers even like to play interval games with the Notes Menu and the Virtual Keyboard by rewarding the student with an emoji for getting the right answer. So fun!

Below, you will find an image of the meaning of each icon on the Grand Staff feature PLUS two videos from both Web App and iOS – they look a little bit different but the general function is the same and both communicate with each other!

TECH TIPS for the Grand Staff

  1. Turn your MIDI keyboard ON before you log into Musicology. Your student can do the same with their keyboard – it’s just a printer cable to plug into the piano keyboard and the computer!
  2. Make sure iOS students are up to date so the notes collaborate properly. Turn on automatic updates or visit the App Store (Musicology Online) to update.
  3. Mute the onscreen keyboard on both ends of the screen if the room has an echo and you are hearing double sounds being played. You can also turn your piano volume down to only play the on-screen sounds and skip a bit of the latency!

All about the Grand Staff for iOS

All about the Grand Staff for Web App

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