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February 21 2022 Feature Image

Do you love sharing your screen with your students?

In this blog, learn everything you need to know about screen sharing on Musicology!

Screen share on Musicology is a basic Google Chrome screen share so if you’ve used platforms like Google Meet, it will look very familiar, with a few unique twists from us! In a future release we will upgrade this feature based on feedback from our users. We are always listening to teachers and making a list!

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Screen share is currently available Web App to Web App. iOS does not accept screen share. So, if you are a teacher that loves your screen share, please ask your students to login on a laptop
  2. You can share your entire screen, a window (an app) or a Chrome Tab (where you can share audio too!)
  3. You can share you iPad and the audio will transfer through – use QuickTime for Apple and LonelyScreen for Windows
  4. The Screen share icon is the World/Globe icon found in the collapsible menu in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
  5. There is a handy little pop-out remote user icon that you can press to view your student as you screen share. This is found in the camera toggle menu at the top of the screen in the plus sign

Now for the videos!

Learn how to share an iPad on Mac during Screen Share and also a demo tutorial on a fantastic sight reading app – Note Quest!

How to Screen Share an iPad on Windows

A quick step-by-step guide for sharing your iPad on Mac

How to override extra security settings for sharing your entire screen on Apple. If you get an error message that says “unable to share screen” watch this! Simply open System Preferences, click on Security and Privacy, scroll down to Screen Recording, type in your password and enable Chrome to share your screen.

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