All About Camera Icons on Musicology

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Navigating so many buttons and features can be confusing, in this blog, we will break down and describe all the camera icons with visuals and a fun video!

Toggle Video Options

This button opens up more buttons for video settings!

swap local and remote video icon

Swap Local and Remote Video

This button switches the large camera image between yourself and your student. This can be useful when wanting to ensure visibility on the screen ie: making your video larger to check and make sure the student can easily see what you’re showing them.

next camera icon

Next Camera

This button can switch between your local camera to a second camera or flip the camera for IOS users. This can be useful when wanting to show the keys you’re playing, placing a second camera above the piano to get a better visual of the keys!

Hide Local Video

This button removes your video from your screen so you can focus on the task at hand. This does not remove your video from their screen. This can be useful when needing the full screen without part of the screen being occupied.

pop out remote user icon

Pop Out Remote User

This button ensures that you’ll be able to see your student at all times when sharing screen, using other tabs, etc. This can be useful when ensuring a young student is still engaged when searching your laptop for files!

full screen icon

Full Screen

This button allows the musicology tab to enlarge over the entire screen so everything is easily visable as well as get rid of distractions!

disable camera icon

Disable Camera

This button gives you the ability to remove your remote video and be no longer visible to your student, or yourself. For example, if a student is too distracted by seeing themselves, the video can be disabled!

Here is a detailed video talking about all the icons, from a teacher and student perspective!

We are always here to help! email info@musicology.ca for any further questions!

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