Aaron’s Testimonial

Aaron's Testimonial

Like many, I began teaching 100% online via Zoom in 2020. As my piano studio grew, small things began to gnaw at my energy and lesson time: for instance, reminding my students at every lesson to enable original sound or coaching five year olds how to find the whiteboard tools. I resorted more and more to putting up with bad audio quality (i.e. lots of “nodding and smiling”) or avoiding the whiteboard altogether.

As the months rolled on, I tried various startup teaching platforms lauded on Facebook groups, but clunky, complicated interfaces and marginal improvements in A/V quality didn’t sell me. So, I was cautiously optimistic when Musicology rolled out later than the rest, having observed Rebecca and the team diligently research the needs of music teachers on aforementioned groups.

Their work clearly paid off, and I was blown away by Musicology from day one — and most importantly, so were my students. Aside from the unbelievably clear picture and sound, the younger ones immediately “got” how to use the whiteboard, interactive keyboard, and of course (drumroll) the emoji stickers. Instant fun.

Right away, I felt my energy snap back as the flow of conversations and interaction returned unfettered. Truth be told, I got a little emotional finally being able to fully comprehend students whose Zoom audio was particularly bad. Also, I’m finally back to playing duets!

Now, three weeks into switching to Musicology, my students and I are having a blast. It’s intuitive: the clean interface and features provide structure and invites play. And it’s structured: teachers are fully in control and can switch screens and lock features to keep the lessons focused. 

Furthermore, Rebecca and the Musicology team are so supportive and continue to work with their customer (i.e. teacher) base to improve and refine this invaluable teaching tool. Imagine trying to petition Zoom to optimize or add new features for lessons.

Going forward with Musicology, I’m feeling much more optimistic about remaining and retaining an online piano studio.

— Aaron O. (Seattle, WA, USA)

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