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Security and Privacy

We’re all aware of the importance of privacy and security on the Internet, and it’s a priority for all of us at Musicology to ensure a safe experience for anyone who uses our platform. Also, because we’re a teaching platform where our kids come to learn, that means we have to take extra special precautions.

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Google Sign

Silicon Valley

Whenever I think of places like Silicon Valley, I imagine an image like something out of The Simpsons where they have flying cars, robots bringing

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Start - Finish

Getting Close!

I hope everyone is surviving recital season! Things look a little different this year, don’t they? I was browsing through old photos on my school’s

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Room on a Cloud

I am learning so much. There are many little details involved in developing and marketing a major app. So many layers. Small fees everywhere that

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Feeling the Love & Music!

Things are really starting to come together now and I’m seeing progress and excitement everywhere I turn. We’ve gotten our admin team working and organized

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