Google Sign

Silicon Valley

Whenever I think of places like Silicon Valley, I imagine an image like something out of The Simpsons where they have flying cars, robots bringing

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Start - Finish

Getting Close!

I hope everyone is surviving recital season! Things look a little different this year, don’t they? I was browsing through old photos on my school’s

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Cloue in empty room

Room on a Cloud

I am learning so much. There are many little details involved in developing and marketing a major app. So many layers. Small fees everywhere that

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Hands forming the shape of a heart with sun

Feeling the Love & Music!

Things are really starting to come together now and I’m seeing progress and excitement everywhere I turn. We’ve gotten our admin team working and organized

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Rainbow poop emoji

Rainbow Sparkle Poop!

We as music teachers need to have a keen sense of humour. The majority of our clients are children and if you can’t laugh with kids then you’re not connecting with them. I can’t think of the number of times…

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Colourful ATM machine

Funding Success!

We really lucked out having the previous connection to Arcane Four in Ottawa. These guys are the supernerds of the development industry and some of the smartest people I have ever met…

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Clock on the wall

The Lag

We’ve all experienced it while teaching. Your student plays their song and they appear to be playing at super speed, then suddenly slower and then freeze…

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