Leanne’s Testimonial

Leanne's Testimonial

My only experience so far is with Skype, Zoom and FaceTime–I’ve done calls with friends on Google Meet but that was truly horrible. Having a whiteboard in Zoom is part of what makes this platform attractive. Musicology has taken this to the next level however with the interactive built in staff and keyboard. Also, the […]

Aaron’s Testimonial

Aaron's Testimonial

Like many, I began teaching 100% online via Zoom in 2020. As my piano studio grew, small things began to gnaw at my energy and lesson time: for instance, reminding my students at every lesson to enable original sound or coaching five year olds how to find the whiteboard tools. I resorted more and more […]

Zoom Fatigue and What to Do About It

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“You can’t burn out if you’re not burning” was a quote I read in American Music Teacher magazine that came in my mail this week. I have subscriptions to many music magazines in both Canada and the US and love reading them, seeing all the new products and learning from the great minds in our […]