Rebecca Featherstone - CEO and founder of Musicology

Hi, I’m Rebecca Featherstone and I’m the CEO and founder of Musicology. I’ve been a piano teacher in Toronto, Canada for over 20 years and I’ve always taught the old-fashioned way, just plain old books, pencils and stickers. Covid-19 changed all that and opened my eyes to the possibilities that teaching online presents.

With the introduction of a global pandemic, almost all the lessons at my school, Featherstone Music, came to a screeching halt. We had to think of something quickly to keep us going and, like so many teachers around the world, we switched to online lessons via video conferencing platforms. These platforms were a huge disappointment. They weren’t made for music lessons. Something as simple as helping a child find middle C on the piano became incredibly frustrating (a little to the left… no that’s too far left!)

We saw a need, and the idea for an app specifically for music teachers was born. Working alongside a passionate team of musicians/developers, we’ve come up with an intuitive design we think will revolutionize the way music is taught around the world. With one innovative app we’ll give music teachers, for the first time, the ability to teach effectively in the online classroom.

This is an app created BY MUSIC TEACHERS, FOR MUSIC TEACHERS. It’s our mission to make teaching music a more intuitive, effective and engaging experience than it ever was before.

Music teachers, we hear you!

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